Press releases

Press releases

RSA announces new Royal Designers for Industry
26 Nov 2014

Government fails to convince new generation of business owners to take on staff
25 Nov 2014

Top down accountability measures scaring off the next generation of creative, innovative teachers warns report
07 Nov 2014

Personalise the NHS to give people a chance of living the ‘good life’
30 Oct 2014

UK growth up by 0.2% if metros unleashed
22 Oct 2014

Devolve power to UK cities in order to boost UK economy by £79bn says Commission
21 Oct 2014

Metros should draw on strength of the UK’s world-class universities to power local growth
15 Oct 2014

Stressed out city workers to benefit from new City of London 'maker space'
19 Sep 2014

Radical plan to devolve power to cities proposed by RSA City Growth Commission
08 Sep 2014

Working five to nine: How a new breed of part-time entrepreneurs are redefining business
03 Sep 2014

Britain's Lost Talent
11 Aug 2014

Outdated infrastructure stifling city growth and costing UK £billions
15 Jul 2014

Loved but ignored: New research reveals how the UK is failing to get the most out of its heritage
11 Jul 2014

Devolve ‘impoverished’ skills strategy to metro level says RSA City Growth Commission
02 Jul 2014

Self-employed: £74 a week poorer but happier and more fulfilled finds RSA report
27 May 2014

Police Federation embrace change and vote in favour of RSA independent review
21 May 2014

UK “lacks coherent plan for teacher research and development”, finds report
16 May 2014

Numbers of self-employed set to outstrip public sector workers
24 Mar 2014

Pupils to ‘defend their A’: How behavioural insights can help teachers motivate their class
14 Mar 2014

Gap year for schools: How teachers need time to refocus on pupil’s moral and social development
07 Mar 2014

Politicians must stem rising tide of demand for public services
25 Feb 2014

Call for entrepreneurs to join ranks of Subpostmasters, says RSA
24 Feb 2014

Audit profession challenged to account for its social purpose
11 Feb 2014

Metro Growth: The UK’s economic opportunity
10 Feb 2014

RSA Independent Review calls for major reform if the Police Federation is to be the trusted voice for frontline officers
20 Jan 2014

Every little helps: How supermarkets can protect local communities as tough times bite
13 Jan 2014

Climate change message should be ‘less green’ to overcome Britain’s stealth denial says research
16 Dec 2013

RSA announces 9 new Royal Designers for Industry
26 Nov 2013

RSA and Etsy to examine boom in micro businesses
12 Nov 2013

Collective saving would boost retirement income by 33% - it must not be ignored
05 Nov 2013

Cap on charges welcome – but be aware of hidden costs
30 Oct 2013

91% of Police Federation members call for change
29 Oct 2013

Independent City Growth Commission launched by RSA
28 Oct 2013

A Manifesto for Youth Enterprise
16 Oct 2013

RSA Chair calls for the arts to take on wider leadership role
08 Oct 2013

Citizen engagement: Grasping the potential, learning the lessons
04 Oct 2013

OFT reaction: there’s still a long way to go
27 Sep 2013

African diaspora leaders sought to spark new wave of sustainable development
28 Aug 2013

Devastating impact of moving school revealed
19 Jul 2013

Optimised flexible working could add £billions to UK economy
12 Jul 2013

The next stage of the Police Federation Review
12 Jul 2013

Staring into the abyss: Local authorities face billion pound blackhole
03 Jul 2013

Digital Money to liberate world’s poorest
26 Jun 2013

London falls behind international rivals in ‘digital make space’
18 Jun 2013

HRH The Princess Royal visits Whole Person Recovery
12 Jun 2013

2013 RSA Student Design Award Winners Announced
12 Jun 2013

Consultation into the future of the Police Federation begins
28 May 2013

Could Hackney be the answer to Suffolk’s educational problems?
23 May 2013

RSA launches new Centre for Citizenship and Community
15 May 2013

Made in Britain: Mid-sized firms lead charge to reduce trade deficit
29 Apr 2013

Announcement regarding the first Panel meeting of the Independent Review of the Police Federation
12 Apr 2013

RSA to manage independent review of Police Federation
27 Mar 2013

A new political economy for Arts and Culture
20 Mar 2013

Support to young entrepreneurs misdirected and out of touch
12 Mar 2013

A Lambeth school excelling against the odds
01 Mar 2013

Rising numbers of disadvantaged pupils moving school in-year
01 Mar 2013

Could politician’s ‘divided brains’ be behind their failure to tackle long term challenges?
11 Feb 2013

Urgent need to explore new ways to protect communities from the cuts
16 Jan 2013

Independent review argues collaboration between academies is vital for school improvement
09 Jan 2013

Support teachers to develop their own school curriculum
13 Dec 2012

Public at ‘tipping point’ on attitude towards cuts poll shows
19 Nov 2012

Brian Eno one of 12 new Royal Designers for Industry
12 Nov 2012

£48bn of cuts at next spending review to get deficit reduction plan back on track
12 Nov 2012

Political bravery required to plug gap in social care
02 Nov 2012

Oldham council's battle against the cuts: A new 'co-operative deal'
11 Oct 2012

Government must prioritise early intervention to prevent rise in vulnerable families
09 Oct 2012

How businesses are helping communities in need
01 Oct 2012

Thousands walk in support of drug recovery
29 Sep 2012

Collective saving to solve Britain’s pension crisis
18 Sep 2012

Call to recognise the entrepreneurialism of the informal economy
11 Sep 2012

Young entrepreneurs to drag UK out of recession
11 Sep 2012

Can design skills help the next generation of paralympians?
05 Sep 2012

Success for RSA pension costs campaign
30 Aug 2012

Training citizens to respond to anti-social behaviour
07 Aug 2012

RSA unveils 2012 Student Design Award winners
26 Jul 2012

Reform corporate venturing or risk losing millions in foreign direct investment
20 Jul 2012

Pension funds hide true cost to consumers
18 Jul 2012

Vikki Heywood CBE to be appointed next Chair of RSA
17 Jul 2012

How to solve education’s middle tier conundrum
04 Jul 2012

Personalised recovery for West Kent drug misusers
27 Jun 2012

Lack of curiosity leaves Britain struggling for innovation
13 Jun 2012

Sustainable growth and public service reform: two sides of the same coin
09 May 2012

New Commission to examine school accountability, governance and admissions policies
08 May 2012

Councils cut the fat but cracks are beginning to show
03 May 2012

Swimming against the tide: How to change police culture
16 Apr 2012

Speed commission into the 'academisation' of schools announced by RSA and Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning
04 Apr 2012

What kind of teachers do we need?
15 Mar 2012

RSA, TUC and CBI welcome Work and Pension Committee findings
14 Mar 2012

RSA welcomes new co-directors of Design
09 Mar 2012

Identify and mobilise hidden 'ChangeMakers' to tackle local challenges
02 Mar 2012

The caring future of British business?
23 Feb 2012

10 ingenious ideas to combat youth unemployment
15 Feb 2012

As easy at 1,2,3? How to solve England’s maths crisis
09 Feb 2012

RSA goes back to the future with Great Room redesign
17 Jan 2012

RSA succeeds with campaign to scrap 'Satisfactory' school rating
17 Jan 2012

MOJ urged to follow Dutch example
08 Dec 2011

Disadvantaged pupils stuck in unsatisfactory schools, says RSA report
05 Dec 2011

Hats off to RSA's Whitley Academy
05 Dec 2011

Google and partners harness web to combat youth unemployment
05 Dec 2011

RSA announces Royal Designers for Industry 2011
16 Nov 2011

Government’s rehabilitation revolution on knife-edge
04 Nov 2011

Healthcare reforms should do more to sustain social networks
26 Oct 2011

New RSAnimate explores the consequences of our divided brains
21 Oct 2011

Changing Chelmsford Festival of Ideas
20 Oct 2011

RSA to reveal flaws in government pensions plan
12 Oct 2011

Expert group urges greater strategic clarity and stronger citizen engagement in public service reform
11 Oct 2011

Stop blaming the politicians for local services, poll says
26 Sep 2011

Fifty Cent won’t help - but your friends and family might
09 Aug 2011

A royal makeover for Bognor community centre
02 Aug 2011

Citizen Power Peterborough - a hyper local approach to public services
27 Jul 2011

Two ways to improve the Big Society
13 Jul 2011

RSA launches new family of schools
05 Jul 2011

Shell launches driving efficiency challenge to find Britain’s most fuel efficient cabbie
29 Jun 2011

Encourage business to reduce social harms says RSA’s Matthew Taylor
09 Jun 2011

Jobs business and social enterprise – a new role for FE
26 May 2011

Social networks key to breaking link between isolation and unemployment
18 May 2011

How to survive the cuts – become ingenious
11 Apr 2011

Civic commons helps people contribute towards the Big Society
11 Feb 2011

"Nudge" your neighbour
22 Dec 2010

Going Dutch - how to double the value of British pensions
06 Dec 2010

'Recovery communities' needed to combat drug misuse
23 Nov 2010

RSA Academy celebrates its move into its new building
19 Nov 2010

RSA announces Royal Designers for Industry for 2010
17 Nov 2010

Majority of voters still don’t know what the ‘Big Society’ means
05 Oct 2010

Social networks key to community regeneration
14 Sep 2010

Government's Big Society
23 Aug 2010

The Big Society approach to anti-social behaviour
12 Jul 2010

Why be Nudged if you can Steer?
15 Jun 2010

Top designers to provide design training for spinal injury patients
24 May 2010

Leading educational organisations join forces to launch 'Whole Education'
24 May 2010

RSA unveils 2010 winners of Design Directions award scheme
20 May 2010

Public unconvinced about need for cuts
16 Mar 2010

New partnership to boost active citizenship within Peterborough
08 Mar 2010

Political courage needed to boost prisons’ rehabilitation role
12 Feb 2010

Use technology to reduce government deficit
10 Feb 2010

State of the Arts - The new annual conference for the arts
21 Dec 2009

RSA announces Royal Designers for Industry for 2009
19 Nov 2009

How to solve Britain’s pension crisis
21 Sep 2009

Voters not ready for spending cuts - poll
21 Sep 2009

Design students redesign prison visits
25 Jun 2009

Six challenges for design education
25 Jun 2009

Galleries and museums across the UK join the fight against global warming
15 May 2009

Innovative solutions by student designers in Design Directions 2008-2009
08 May 2009

Decent pension returns in turbulent times
08 Apr 2009

Low cost, high accountability: a pension fund for the 21st century
17 Dec 2008

Independent commission to examine future of public services
09 Dec 2008

RSA announces Royal Designers for Industry for 2008
27 Nov 2008

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Opens RSA Academy in Tipton
04 Nov 2008

Stop and Watch as climate change comes to the BFI
31 Oct 2008

Consumers must reengage with their pensions and investments
24 Oct 2008

RSA to launch School Governance network
14 Oct 2008

RIBA President, Sunand Prasad, begins expedition to the Arctic following RSA backing
26 Sep 2008

Luke Johnson to be appointed the next Chair of the RSA
04 Sep 2008