Our aim is to foster more powerful citizens, nurture resilient communities and develop more innovative public services for individuals and communities.

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Design and Enterprise are two unique programmes that aim to support the development of a more resilient, resourceful and sustainable society.

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We seek to realise the potential of all learners. We focus on curriculum innovation, social justice and the social brain.

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About RSA's Action and Research Centre

We combine practical experimentation with rigorous research to create a unique programme of work. ARC's approach is inspired by the RSA's history of solving big problems by unleashing the human potential for enterprise and creativity. In this spirit, we draw widely on the knowledge and experience of the RSA's Fellowship, working together on projects which are making a real-world positive social impact - find out how you can join this unique network.

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Powers to Growth: City finance and governance

This report proposes that now is the time for central government to grant greater autonomy to those metros that are ready to shoulder the burden, for the good of the UK economy as a whole.