The RSA pioneered open innovation as a means to tackle social and industrial problems. From its foundation in the mid 18th century until the 1850s the Society ran "Premiums" - open prize challenges aimed at solving problems ranging from low agricultural productivity, child labour, lack of craft skills, and industrial inefficiency. The RSA Premiums strand seeks to revive this tradition, which still lives on in our Student Design Awards.

We are currently seeking – and would welcome - ideas for open innovation challenges as well as support from potential sponsors. Please contact Julian Thompson:

Presently we are looking for partners to develop Premiums in two categories:

Human Capital Challenge: a prize challenge to source and stimulate innovation in the way companies identify, invest in, evaluate and report on their investment in people.

Maker Prize: in partnership with a range of organisations we are in the process of designing a prize challenge to galvanise, celebrate and support the growth of the UK’s talented pool of amateur designer-makers, hackers, fabricators and manufacturers.