The Flex Factor

The RSA's Flex Factor report argues that billions of pounds worth of commercial and community value could be unlocked through wider and more customised adoption of flexible working practices.

Drawn from a survey of UK employees and management, sponsored by Vodafone UK, the study uses a new 'Flexibility Index' to capture the value of flexible working practices, showing significant links to overall performance, innovative capacity and skills utilization, as well as employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

The report also draws on employment forecasts to argue for a strengthened 'psychological contract' between employers and employees, and a renewed commitment to experimenting with novel working arrangements that better fit the reality of 21st century working lives.

Only by creating such strong, reciprocal commitments between employers and employees will the mutual benefits of strategic flexible working be realized.

For more information contact Julian Thompson, Director of Enterprise in the RSA Action Research Centre (ARC).

Download the Flex Factor report (PDF, 1.62MB)