The RSA: innovators in education since the 19th century

The RSA has a long history of innovative educational practice, which began with many great achievements during the 19th century:

  • 1855: The Society held its first examination for artisans
  • 1856: We became the first organisation to launch national examinations
  • 1859: The Society launched its music examinations
  • 1870: The Society launched inquiries into the state of education, the findings of which were published in the RSA Journal
  • 1872: We helped to establish the Girls' Day School Trust
  • 1876: We established a National Training School for Music, which later became the Royal College of Music

And in the 20th century:

  • 1978: We initiated the RSA Education for Capability movement to counteract the academic bias of British education and promote the value of the practical and co-operative skills
  • 1988: The RSA Education for Capability project is expanded to include Higher Education
  • 1994: We launched the Start Right campaign for Early Learning, which called for the availability of nursery education for all four-year-olds
  • 1996: We launched the Campaign for Learning, to encourage life-long learning
  • 1999: The RSA launched Opening Minds, a competence-based school curriculum
  • 2008: The RSA Tipton Academy opens
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