The RSA has worked to develop an innovative new approach to identifying and mobilising the key individuals who are driving positive change in local areas.

Through piloting our 'social network analysis' research method, we have been able to map a diverse local network of ChangeMakers in Peterborough. Among those we identified were members of the clergy, artists, head teachers, social entrepreneurs, housing officers, charity workers, police officers, businessmen and everyday council officers. The results of our surveying indicate that such individuals are adept at driving positive change in their local areas. They appear rooted in their communities, have an impressive repertoire of capabilities, and are instilled with an appetite to apply their skills and knowledge to address local issues.

A new RSA report, RSA ChangeMakers, details the findings from our research and argues that local areas could benefit strongly from better channelling the energy of these key individuals.

Following on from our mapping, we have now begun to develop a structured 'ChangeMakers' Network' in Peterborough that will bring all of these individuals together to share ideas and advice, and to support one another's work.

If you are interested in hearing more about the ChangeMakers project or about mapping ChangeMakers in your own local area, please email Benedict Dellot or read our Changemakers brochure (PDF, 433KB).

The ChangeMakers project was informed by a further research study, Civic Pulse, which explored new approaches to measuring capabilities for active citizenship. View this paper

Download Changemakers: Identifying the key people driving positive change in local areas
(PDF, 2.6MB)