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Free is a Lie
10th Apr 2014

Designer and social entrepreneur Aral Balkan believes it is time to build an alternate future where we own our own tools, services, and data. And to do this we must create a new category of design-led, experience-driven ‘technology’.

Is War Good for Us?
10th Apr 2014

Has killing made the world safer? As the world marks the WWI centenary, acclaimed academic and author Ian Morris, argues a bold thesis: that paradoxically, war has actually made the world a more secure and comfortable place. Chaired by Anthony Beevor, acclaimed historian and prize-winning author.

The Contradictions of Capitalism
9th Apr 2014

One of the world’s most respected public thinkers visits the RSA to explore the hidden workings of capital. David Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate School, unravels the paradoxes at the heart of capitalism and offers a manifesto for a new way forward.

UKIP and the Left Behind: What a New Party Tells Us About Modern Britain
3rd Apr 2014

Political scientist Matthew Goodwin asks: who is voting for the party, why, and what do these changing political loyalties tell us about the current state of British politics and society?

Simon Lewis event

What Happened to the Soul?
31st Mar 2014

In the latest event in our series on spirituality in the 21st century, psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist considers the status of the soul. Once considered the most important part, indeed the whole purpose, of a human life - has science has now rendered the idea of the soul irretrievably redundant? If so, what have we lost?

Autism at Work: Releasing Talent and Harnessing Creativity
27th Mar 2014

In the run up to World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, a diverse panel featuring an employer, an academic, an Autism at Work expert, and an autistic employee, gather to ask: how can workplaces adapt so as to offer greater opportunities to those with autism, and benefit themselves as a result?

Creating a Rehabilitation Culture
24th Mar 2014

Leading criminologist Shadd Maruna asks: can we make a decisive shift from targeted programmes of intervention within a predominantly punitive criminal justice culture, to a much more pervasive rehabilitation ethos that extends to entire institutions, services and communities?

Design and its Critics
20th Mar 2014

Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum and the author of a new book, 'B is for Bauhaus' explores the many meanings of design, from the political and social, to the seductions of aesthetics and salesmanship.

New RSA events series

RSA Commencement – with Jon Ronson
19th Mar 2014

Acclaimed writer and documentary maker Jon Ronson has spent his life meeting extraordinary people and exploring curious events. In his RSA Commencement address he shares some of the life lessons he’s learned along the way.

From the Self to the Selfie
13th Mar 2014

Academic philosopher and author Simon Blackburn explores the history of self-regard from Narcissus to "the selfie", and asks - is self-love to be deplored or is it a healthy and necessary part of life?