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Camp Bestival

The RSA Hour at Camp Bestival 2014
2nd Aug 2014

Once again we are packing our suitcases and travelling to Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset to present The RSA Hour. This year we are joined by Dr Ben Ambridge who asks what makes us smarter and Dr Kevin Fong who explores our obsesssion with space travel.

Spirituality series - panel debate on love

What Kind of Love Do We Need?
17th Jul 2014

In the penultimate event in our spirituality series, Simon May, Devorah Baum and Mark Vernon join us to examine an experience and ideal that many believe has to be at the heart of any reappraisal of the spiritual: love.

Free talk at the RSA with Tristram Hunt MP on education

Who Should Have the Power to Create the School Curriculum?
17th Jul 2014

Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Tristram Hunt MP visits the RSA to talk about innovation in curriculum development.

The Frugal Innovator
15th Jul 2014

Leading authority on creativity and innovation Charles Leadbeater shows what we can learn from entrepreneurs in developing countries, who are responding to constraints of capital and resources by devising low-cost solutions to pressing social challenges which are lean, simple, clean and social.

The Great Disruption: Unleashing the Power to Create
10th Jul 2014

Directors of the RSA’s Action and Research Centre Adam Lent, Rowan Conway and Anthony Painter explore what the Power to Create means for public services, communities and businesses.

Power to Create
8th Jul 2014

In his 2014 Chief Executive’s lecture, Matthew Taylor will explore new RSA thinking on how we can empower people to choose to pursue creative lives, and to contribute to enabling others to do so as well.

Nick Bostrom talk at the RSA

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
3rd Jul 2014

How should we prepare for the time when machines surpass humans in intelligence? Professor Nick Bostrom explores the frontiers of thinking about the human condition and the future of intelligent life.

Progressive Politics for a New Era
1st Jul 2014

Jon Cruddas MP visits the RSA to discuss unleashing creativity in a fast paced world, to enable people to shape a better future for themselves and others.

Lord Smith talk at the RSA

Why the Environment Still Matters
26th Jun 2014

Reflecting on the extreme weather patterns that are affecting the UK and other parts of the world, Lord Smith will talk about the prospect of climate change, and call for a new policy importance for environmental issues and concern.

Lynda Gratton at the RSA

Corporations as a Force for Good
26th Jun 2014

Organisational change expert Professor Lynda Gratton shows that it is now critical that corporations step up to play their role in the world by building inner resilience, actively anchoring themselves in their communities and supply chains, and leveraging their unique capabilities to address complex global challenges.