Architecture, Art and Wellbeing

8th Nov 2011; 18:00

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RSA Bossom Lecture

Organised with Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres

The event will be introduced by Laura Lee, chief executive, Maggie’s.  

The concept of ‘healing architecture’ has been developing over the last two decades and a large amount of research has been carried out into the impact of architectural design on the success of healthcare environments. Evidence that architects can significantly alter a patients’ experience and quality of life has led to a change in attitude and approach to designing spaces such as the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.

Maggie’s is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design. By commissioning and briefing architects, landscape designers and artists, Maggie’s have developed an effective and sustainable design model.

Architect Piers Gough, art critic Richard Cork and consultant Dr Sam Guglani discuss Maggie’s pioneering approach to cancer care, and how this collaborative approach can be replicated and used to influence policy to develop better environments for people in healthcare.

Panel: Piers Gough, CZWG Architects LLP, architect of Maggie’s Nottingham (opening November 2011); Richard Cork, art critic, historian, broadcaster and exhibition curator; and Dr Sam Guglani, consultant in clinical oncology, Cheltenham General Hospital and Hereford County Hospital

Chair: Charles Jencks, architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer.

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