Biomimicry in Architecture

29th Sep 2011; 13:00

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Most people now accept the case for sustainable development and there are often two sentiments expressed - firstly a feeling of dissatisfaction with the word ‘sustainable’ and secondly a questioning that wonders “So, what’s next?”
Architect Michael Pawlyn, who was part of the core team that designed the Eden Project, will describe how the discipline of using nature as source-book can provide a radical tool for design innovation.
In his book Biomimicry in Nature, Pawlyn shows how nature can be viewed as a series of products that have all benefitted from a 3.8 billion year research and development period and, to make things even better, all the faulty products have been withdrawn from the marketplace.
Biomimicry is an approach that goes beyond standard approaches to sustainable design and a growing number of commentators see it as a major source of new solutions, leading us, as Peter Head, Chairman of Global Planning at Arup has described it, “from the Industrial Age to the Ecological Age of mankind".
Speaker: Michael Pawlyn, director, Exploration Architecture and author of 'Biomimicry in Architecture' (Riba Publishing, 2011)

Chair: Sarah Ichioka, director, The Architecture Foundation

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