Carl Jung – Legacy and Influence

2nd Jun 2011; 13:00

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This June marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Carl Jung, one of the 20th century's most influential, and controversial, psychologists and thinkers. If you've ever thought of yourself as an extrovert or introvert, or done a Myers-Briggs test, Jung is to blame. If you've ever sat opposite a counsellor, rather than laid on a couch, Jung was the first to practice therapy this way. If you've ever cursed, or praised, the New Age, Jung has shaped your mind again.

But what of his legacy, what of his influence 50 years on? And what of the controversy too, for Jung has also been accused of everything from anti-semitism to mystical obscurantism.

Mark Vernon
chairs a discussion with two leading experts on Jung, each offering a different perspective: Robert Rowland-Smith, philosopher, consultant, columnist and author and Gary Lachman; author of Jung The Mystic and bass-player and composer in a band called Blondie.

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