Professional Policing and Liberal Democracy

1st Nov 2011; 18:00

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RSA Benjamin Franklin Medal Lecture

What is the most efficient way of preventing crime in a liberal democracy? How can we find the best evidence as to what works, and what doesn’t? How can our elected officials make sure police are held accountable for their effectiveness?  

Professor Lawrence Sherman presents the case for a new civil society that can unify the police profession across all ranks, such as a College of Policing. He will argue that the first nation to create such a professional body, independent of any governmental funding, can become a world leader in advancing public safety and human rights through democratic policing.

Professor Lawrence Sherman is awarded the 2011 RSA Benjamin Franklin Medal in recognition of his pioneering scholarship in evidence-based policy, crime prevention and restorative justice.

The Benjamin Franklin award was created in 1956 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Franklin's birth and the 200th anniversary of his membership of the Society.   

The medal is now awarded to a global 'big thinker' who has shifted public debate in an innovative way and contributed to furthering public discourse on human progress.    

Speaker: Lawrence W. Sherman, Wolfson Professor of Criminology, Cambridge University

Chair: Sir Denis O’Connor, CBE QPM, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

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