The End of Remembering

6th Apr 2011; 18:00

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Once upon a time remembering was everything. Today, we have endless mountains of documents, the Internet and ever-present smart phones to store our memories.

As our culture has transformed from one that was fundamentally based on internal memories to one that is fundamentally based on memories stored outside the brain, what are the implications for ourselves and for our society?

What does it mean that we’ve lost our memory?

Join journalist and memory champion Joshua Foer as he asks: how will we adapt to a new culture where most memories are stored outside the brain?

Speaker: Joshua Foer, freelance science journalist; US Memory Champion; founder of the Athanasius Kircher Society and the Atlas Obscura; and author of Moonwalking with Einstein (Allen Lane, 2011).

Chair: Dr Jonathan Rowson, Social Brain project, RSA

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