Doughnut Economics: Creating a safe and just space for humanity

18th Oct 2012; 13:00

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RSA Thursday

How can the simple doughnut help save the planet and decrease global inequality? ‘Doughnut economics’ is the new sustainable economic paradigm that is sweeping the development world, and is the brainchild of Kate Raworth; senior researcher at Oxfam and former co-author of the UN’s annual Human Development Report.

How can seven billion people (and rising) share the resources of this one planet? Global economic growth, as we know it, isn’t delivering: it’s exacerbating inequalities while pushing the Earth beyond ecological limits. So what would it take to achieve human development for all – in both rich and poor countries – without pushing us over ecological tipping points?

Join Kate Raworth at the RSA as she argues that we need to rewrite the economics textbooks, making planetary boundaries and human rights the starting point of a new doughnut-shaped economics, leading us to question the nature and future of economic growth itself.

Chair: Halina Ward, director, The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

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