Free Market Fairness

3rd May 2012; 13:00

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RSA Keynote

Can libertarians care about social justice? Political philosopher John Tomasi visits the RSA to argue that they can and should.

His new book Free Market Fairness draws simultaneously on moral insights from defenders of economic liberty such as F. A. Hayek and advocates of social justice such as John Rawls, to present a new theory of liberal justice - one committed to both limited government and the material betterment of the poor.

In place of the familiar social democratic interpretations of social justice, Tomasi offers a "market democratic" conception of social justice: free market fairness. With its twin commitment to economic liberty and a fair distribution of goods and opportunities, free market fairness, argues Tomasi, "combines the uncombinables" - capitalism and democracy, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St - and offers a bold new way of thinking about politics and economics.

Speaker: John Tomasi, professor of political science and director of the Political Theory Project, Brown University, and author of 'Free Market Fairness'.

Chair: Adam Lent, director of Fellowship and projects, RSA

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