The New Few

13th Jun 2012; 18:00

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This was supposed to be the era when democracy came into its own, but instead power and wealth in Britain have slowly been consolidated the hands of a small elite, while the rest of the country struggles financially and switches off politically.

As a new ruling class rises in the modern West, ordinary citizens are feeling disconnected from politics and increasingly cynical about the back-scratching relationship between politicians and big business.

In his new book 'The New Few', author and commentator Ferdinand Mount shows us what has led to this point, and asks: why has Britain become a more unequal society over the past thirty years? Why have the banks been bailed out with taxpayers' money, while bankers are still receiving huge bonuses? Why have those responsible not been held accountable for the financial crash? Why has power in Britain become so concentrated in the hands of politicians who have been exposed cheating their constituents in the expenses scandal?

Most importantly, how can we restore our democracy, bringing back real accountability to British business and fairness to our society?

Speaker: Ferdinand Mount, writer, commentator and author.

Chair: Nick Cohen, columnist, The Observer.

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