Transformative Innovation: Driving growth through breakthrough ideas

2nd Oct 2012; 09:30

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RSA/CEB Debate

Businesses today share the same acute challenge: driving growth. This challenge is even more daunting in the face of stagnation and economic uncertainty in developed markets, the rise of new—and increasingly competitive—emerging markets, and the rapid evolution of global consumer preferences. As the pressure to grow and win in complex new markets rises, firms are looking for breakthrough ideas that can lead to transformative innovation in their products and services.

And yet, in a recent survey, CEB found that three out of four executives think their firms lack the capacity to create exactly these breakthrough ideas.

As innovation becomes an ever more pressing imperative, how can businesses re-establish the internal relationships and cross-team trust necessary to fuel collaboration, and improve idea generation and quality?

The RSA and CEB convene a senior business panel, including Atul Dighe, Senior Director at CEB, to address these critical challenges, and to explore new ways of accelerating innovation – and growth - globally.

Panel to include: Atul Dighe, senior director, Corporate Executive Board; Richard Palmer, innovation consultant, o2 Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 and inventor of d30, a bullet-proof putty used by everyone from Puma to the British Ministry of Defence; Kevin Yapp, chief strategy & marketing officer, Premier Farnell; Scott Edington, head of research and development, Visa.

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA

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