The Curve: the future of business

31st Oct 2013; 13:00

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The challenge of the 21st century is this: sharing is easy but finding an audience is hard. Businesses of all kinds are under threat from digital and the trend towards a price zero. Consumers expect more and more for free yet the creation of the products they want is expensive.

Influential digital technology author and consultant Nicholas Lovell offers a solution to this challenge – a revolution in thinking that has the potential to transform the way we do business, make art and run non-profit organisations in a connected world

The future, he argues, is about relationships; building connections with real people and finding ways to encourage or let them spend money on products, services and experiences they value. By tailoring products, and varying prices - starting with free and moving upwards on the curve - we can begin to take customers on a journey from freeloaders to superfans.

Speaker: Nicholas Lovell, author, consultant and founder of GAMESbrief.

Chair: Julian Thompson, Director of Enterprise, RSA.


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