Why We’ve Had Enough of Stuff

12th Dec 2013; 13:00

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As Christmas approaches, it brings with it the usual frenzied round of shopping. But think back to last year, when you exchanged gift-wrapped boxes with friends and relatives. As you opened the packages, was your gut reaction ever to think… “not more stuff”?
James Wallman, journalist and trend forecaster, visits the RSA to explain why more and more of us are suffering from “stuffocation” – where, instead of feeling enriched by the things we own, we are stifled and overwhelmed by them. In our busy, cluttered lives, “more” is no longer “better”.

But if our focus is gradually shifting away from material goods, where will we increasingly get our status, meaning and happiness from?

Speaker: James Wallman, journalist, trend forecaster and author of Stuffocation (Crux, 2013)

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