Finding True North for a Sustainable Economy

18th Jun 2014; 18:00

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Scientific indicators suggest the global economy is heading south, but public debate on sustainability is paralysed between the deniers and the doomsayers. Through framing sustainability as an opportunity for transformation through growth and innovation, the Transformational Leaders are charting a pathway from the “magnetic north” of incremental change to the “True North” of a sustainable economy.
A panel of senior business leaders, including Peter Lacy, Managing Director for Strategy and Sustainability at Accenture, convene at the RSA to assess the past, present and future of sustainable business; reveal the findings of new United Nations studies on consumer and investor views of sustainable business; and debate how we can unlock the full potential of the private sector in tackling global sustainability challenges.

Speakers: Peter Lacy, managing director, Accenture Strategy & Sustainability Services; Emma Howard Boyd, director of stewardship, Jupiter Asset Management and independent member of the Environment Agency Board; Niall Dunne, chief sustainability officer, BT; and Tobias Webb, chairman of the Ethical Corporation

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA

In partnership with Accenture


Read Peter Lacy and Rob Hayward’s RSA Journal article “The Business of Environment”

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