Why the Environment Still Matters

26th Jun 2014; 18:00

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Since becoming chairman of the Environment Agency in 2008, Lord Chris Smith has argued forcefully for the need to take the environment and its challenges seriously.  In 2009 he spoke to the RSA about how changing to a lower-carbon economy could help deliver a sustainable recovery from recession.  Returning in 2012, he argued that “green” was as important as “growth”.

Now, as Lord Smith nears the end of his final term as Chairman, he will speak again, about why the environment still matters.  Reflecting on what has happened during the past six years, and especially the extreme weather patterns that are affecting the UK and other parts of the world, he will talk about the prospect of climate change, and the need for environment, energy and economic policy to take account of that.  He will in particular call for a new policy importance for environmental issues and concern.  He will explore why the environment has slipped down the political and governmental agenda, how and why the public can still be engaged, and what can be done to re-energise the argument and bring a new consensus behind the need for action.

Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, chairman of the Environment Agency

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA.

Organised in partnership with the Environment Agency

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