Upcoming events

All the Best Stories Are True
3rd Nov 2014, 18:30

On the eve of the announcement of the winner of the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, this year’s shortlisted authors gather at the RSA.

Disobedient Architecture
4th Nov 2014, 18:00

Award-winning architect Sarah Wigglesworth argues for a model in which people have a greater control of the built environment around them, with architects as enablers, collaborators and advisors.

Towards an Educational (R)evolution?
6th Nov 2014, 13:00

Author and teacher Debra Kidd argues that education has become fixated on conformity and compliance at the expense of creativity. What might be done to reform the system from the bottom up?

The Enabling State: Giving Power to Citizens and Communities
13th Nov 2014, 13:00

Sir John Elvidge, former Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government, visits the RSA to explore how the state can improve public services and wellbeing by harnessing the strengths of its citizens, and devolving power to communities.

Humanity Above Bureaucracy
17th Nov 2014, 18:00

Jos de Blok receives the 2014 RSA Albert Medal for his work as founder of Buurtzorg, a transformational new model of community health care.

Love, Death, Self and Soul
19th Nov 2014, 18:00

In the final event of the series, project director Dr Jonathan Rowson addresses the often unacknowledged spiritual roots of public life, and proposes a new framework for a ‘post-religious spirituality’.

Small is Powerful: Beyond Big Business, Big State, and Big Culture
20th Nov 2014, 13:00

How can we create a wealthier, fairer and more stable world? Adam Lent, director of the RSA's Action and Research Centre, delivers an impassioned plea for a really big 'small' revolution.

RDI Address 2014: Building New Worlds
27th Nov 2014, 18:00

Visionary production designer Alex McDowell RDI will give the 2014 address.

The Political Economy of Climate Change
4th Dec 2014, 13:00

Robin Hahnel, professor of economics at Portland State University discusses what must be done to combat climate change, and what political obstacles must be overcome if humans are to avoid the fate of lemmings.

Dereliction to Design Awards
15th Jan 2015, 18:00

Susan Woodward OBE, founding director of The Space and Sharp Projects and Creative Media Champion for the City of Manchester, explains how re-designing urban environments sparks dynamism and connectivity.