RSA Animate FAQ

What is the RSA events programme?

The RSA has been a home for enlightened public debate since its founding in 1754, and today hosts one of the UK’s leading programmes of public lectures, talks and screenings. These events provide a platform for the world’s most inspirational practitioners and expert minds, and encourage intelligent debate of some of today’s most pressing social challenges. And they're all absolutely free! Check out our upcoming events and join our mailing list to keep up to date.

Who does the animation work on your videos?

Andrew Park, an RSA Fellow, worked with the RSA Events team to develop the unique RSA Animate style. Andrew’s animation company Cognitive Media are based in Folkestone, and you might also spot his now famous "hairy hand" in animated films he has created for commercial clients. You can read the story of the RSA Animate development process on Andrew's blog.

How do you make the RSA Animates?

After listening in to hundreds of inspiring RSA lectures, our events team carefully select a truly world-changing talk.  They then edit the podcast of that lecture down to a punchy ten minute audio segment, and send it off to Andrew Park to work his magic on the accompanying animated illustration.

How can I get an RSA Animate made?

The RSA Animate series is a way of disseminating the great ideas from our events programme, and unfortunately we are not offering this as a personalised service for individuals, authors, businesses or companies.  However, you are welcome to contact our colleagues at Cognitive Media if you would like similar work created, but do bear in mind that they are exceptionally busy and get booked very far in advance.

Can I screen the RSA Animates at my school/work/conference?

Yes, all of our digital content is available under the Creative Commons license - we want these ideas to spread as far and wide as possible.

All we ask is that you credit the RSA, Cognitive Media, and the speaker featured in the RSA Animate, and notify us of what you have done. You are not allowed to profit financially in any way from the video (i.e. set up a screening of the RSA Animates and charge entry).

Can I get a DVD of an RSA Animate sent to me?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to produce or send DVDs. You are not permitted to produce and distribute DVDs of our work but you are more than welcome to download our videos (see below).

Where can I download the RSA Animates so I can view them offline?

Our Animates are available to download on Vimeo. You will need to set up a free account on Vimeo to access these.

Where can I get a print of an RSA Animate?

You can download PDF's and order limited edition giclee prints from the Cognitive Media’s online shop.

How can I support you so you can put on more great events and create more fantastic RSA Animates?

Please email us if you have any further questions.