How to download our videos

The easiest way to enjoy a video is to watch it online. However, if you would like to enjoy our videos on the move, some of our videos are available to download in MP4 format.

How to download a video

If your browser is Internet Explorer: Right-click the link to the video and choose 'Save Target As'.

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome: Right-click the link to the video and choose 'Save Link As'.

How to play MP4 video files on a Windows PC

You can download VLC, free video player software.

Once you have installed the software:

  • Open the software
  • Click "File." Choose "Quick Open File."
  • Find the MP4 video on your computer that you wish to watch and then double click on the file
  • The video will automatically play in VLC Media Player.

How long are the videos available for?

Our video download links will be made available for up to one year from the event date. You will still be able to watch videos online after this date; you can view our videos from as far back as 2008.