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Pakistan Calling is a platform for films showing links between civil and cultural organisations and communities in Pakistan and the UK. These films explore some of the many pressing social problems faced by Pakistan and shine a light on, and support, some of the inspiring stories of people and organisations tackling these issues. Pakistan Calling builds on a project run by the RSA and The Samosa in 2011. The project aims to build community trust in UK, and to support the creativity and energy of the British Pakistani diaspora and others working between Britain and Pakistan. Read more about Pakistan Calling.

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Jon Snow - Pakistan in the media, are we getting the full picture?

Jon snow talks candidly to Suzanne Wakefield of London Metropolitan University about how Pakistan is portrayed and covered in the media.

Mumtaz - An extraordinary journey to an ordinary Karachi life

KVTC is the first Vocational Education and Training centre for intellectually disabled people in Pakistan. This is the story of KVTC graduate Mumtaz.

Hameed Haroon on Lahore

Hameed Haroon, CEO of Dawn newspaper group, presents a short sharp look at issues in Pakistan, particularly the letting down of he young.

Integrated development and community empowerment in Sindh

Shahid Khan CEO of Indus Earth Trust talks about empowering a community to rebuild their village in Sindh after the floods of 2011.

Bacha Bulletins

This film explores Bacha Bulletins - a fifteen month project engaging young children from different communities in Lahore and Islamabad.

Kanderai, Swat Valley- an ancient Buddhist settlement slowly disappears

A large Buddhist settlement in Pakistan could disappear due to lack of state care and criminal gangs.

Raindrop - Gulalai, A Peacemaker

Gulalai talks about her inspiration to work with young people in tribal communities to help build a peaceful future for Pakistan.

Islamabad hosts its first literary festival

After Karachi and Lahore, Islamabad hosts its first literary festival.

Women Under Siege

A short film on the impact of religious extremism on the lives of women in Houston, Texas and Karachi, Pakistan.

A Little Easier, A Little More Beautiful

This film explores the workers who make everyone's lives a little easier in Pakistan's biggest and busiest city of Karachi.

Rukhsana’s story, A victim of internal human trafficking

Currently residing in a shelter in Karachi, Rukhsana bears signs of torture.

I Am Agha

A powerful and touching portrait of a day in the life of a child who lives on the street, collecting rubbish to survive.

Why Pakistan Calling - Matthew Taylor and Anwar Akhtar

Mathew Taylor, Chief Executive of The RSA, and Anwar Akhtar, Director of The Samosa, describe the thinking, aims and ambitions behind Pakistan Calling.

Tehmina Durrani – Women’s rights in Pakistan

Tehmina Durrani is one of Pakistan’s highest profile women’s rights activists. In this interview she discusses the issues of women and equality in Pakistan today.

Midnight's Grandchildren

John Pandit of Asian Dub Foundation, Anita Sharma of Inquest, and The Samosa's Anwar Akhtar discuss their experiences as second generation Asians growing up in Britain.

Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema

Pop up mobile cinema Karachi style with the Tentative Collective.

Realities from the Field - with a Gender Specialist

Nighat Taufiq has spent over 15 years supporting women in the poorest communities in Pakistan. This is her story.

East to West - The Story of Shfaat Hussain

From coming to the UK as a child, holding down two jobs and studying in between, Shfaat has become a High Street success story.

Samiulla's Story

After Samiulla's father was killed in a blast in Peshawar, Pakistan in 2009, his life changed as he focused on survival.

Pakistan’s Caste System - The untouchable’s struggle

Sabir Arif lives in the slums, works as a literature tutor and dreams of Dickens.

Sahib - a young nurse’s journey in Pakistan

A young nursing graduate from Khairpur, Sindh talks about her ambitions and her motivation for her work.

All Pakistan Womens Association, How It Changed My Life

The story of Nisreen, a worker at All Pakistan Womens Association (AWPA) in Karachi.

East to West - the story of Ali Shah

Mr Ali Shah talks about his life both in Britain, where he has set up several successful businesses, and in Pakistan. It also interviews his son Cuream about his identity.

Pakistan Zindabad

This boisterous documentary captures first, second and third generation Pakistanis in England celebrating Pakistani Independence Day in Green Street, London.


In the small Punjab village of Thathi Bhanguan, women succeed in acquiring the right to education.

Learning has no limits in Hafizabad

The story of the building of a school in the Punjab by the M.H. Sufi Foundation.

The bomb is immoral - Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy

Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy discusses the risks caused by nuclear proliferation both in South Asia and the world.

Trading for Peace in Kashmir

A film from Ashima Kaul on how cross border trade is promoting peace in the disputed region of Kashmir.

Perween Rahman – “Karachi’s mother”

An interview with Perween Rahman, who worked to improve the lives of Karachi’s poor. Perween was murdered on 13 March 2013. She had been documenting land ownership in Karachi.

Dominion Karachi - The fair trade way

A profile of Dominion Traders, an organisation which works with underprivileged artisans in Karachi.

A British Future conversation about identity

Sunder Katwala is Director of British Future, an independent think tank promoting conversation about hopes and fears surrounding identity, integration, migration and opportunity.

Rabtt - From Learning to Dreaming

Rabtt is a youth organization promoting independent and critical thinking. This film shows the work Rabtt did during two summer camps in 2012.

Almeena Ahmed - Pakistan, telling the whole story in the media

British Pakistani BBC journalist Almeena Ahmed talks about her identity, her thoughts about Pakistani society today, and how Pakistan is covered in the news.

Educating Pakistan, one child at a time - The Citizen’s Foundation

A profile of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a Pakistani education charity that is providing education for over 115,000 underprivileged children.

Setting up clinics in Pakistan the Todd Shea way

The story of Todd Shea, who founded Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) after assisting earthquake relief efforts in the region of Muzaffarabad in 2005.

My Karachi - Sehar Paljo takes you for a tour of her city

Young Karachite Sehar Paljo takes you for a tour of the true modern day Karachi.

The Story Behind ADP Pakistan - Be the change, the rest will follow

The story of the Association for the Development of Pakistan, showing some of the projects ADP has supported on the ground and their plans for the future.

Pakistan - the pride and the promise

A documentary on a Pakistani-British cultural exchange exploring how we think of Pakistan- a nation of pride and promise? Or a nation of prejudices?

Asma Jahangir – Democracy, civil rights and activism

Renowned human rights activist, Asma Jilani Jahangir talks about the difficulties Pakistan faces today, and her hopes and fears for the future of the country.

The dual education system - Integrating Madrassa with Mainstream education

This documentary sheds light on the differences between the religious and academic systems of education in Pakistan.

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