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Robert Kegan

Thoughts on the ‘Self-Transforming’ Mind

23 May 2013
Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Close up of Mark Blyth

The Austerity Delusion

23 May 2013
Professor Mark Blyth is a faculty fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies.

The Body Economic

22 May 2013
David Stuckler, university lecturer in Sociology at Cambridge University and author of The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills

Time Reborn: a new theory of time - a new view of the world

21 May 2013
Professor Lee Smolin, researcher, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and adjunct professor of Physics , University of Waterloo

John Ashton

Lifting the Lid on the Politics of Climate Change

16 May 2013
John Ashton CBE, founding director, E3G


16 May 2013
Jay Griffiths, author of 'Wild: an elemental journey' and 'Kith: the riddle of the childscape'.

Are Diverse Communities Possible?

13 May 2013
Zachary Neal is assistant professor of Sociology and Global Urban Studies

A Bit of Give

09 May 2013
Adam Grant is Professor of Management at Wharton University.

Baroness Grey-Thompson

London 2012: Have we inspired a generation?

08 May 2013
Baroness Grey-Thompson, Steve Moffitt, Matilda Neil, Matthew Taylor, hosted by Jonathan Edwards CBE

Vince Cable

Making at Home, Owning Abroad

03 May 2013
Dr Finbarr Livesey, Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, & Julie Madigan discuss the findings of a new RSA/Lloyds Banking Group

Winning Without Losing

02 May 2013
Martin Bjergegaard, entrepreneur, co-founder of Rainmaking, and author of Winning Without Losing

Nate Silver

The Signal and The Noise

01 May 2013
Nate Silver, statistician and political forecaster at The New York Times.

Anyone Can Change the World

25 Apr 2013
Jody Williams, Nobel Laureate, co-founder and campaign ambassador for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines

The New World of Working Women: A divided sisterhood?

25 Apr 2013
Alison Wolf CBE, Sir Roy Griffiths professor of public sector management, King's College London

Big Lunch panel Tim Smit

Where Does the Responsibility for Community Lie?

18 Apr 2013
Tim Smit, is CEO of The Eden Project, and joins an expert panel to ask whether initiatives such as The Big Lunch can provide the social capital boost Britain needs?

Linda Yueh

China: The birth of a new superpower?

18 Apr 2013
Dr. Linda Yueh is the BBC’s chief business correspondent, director of the China Growth Centre and fellow in economics at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

Professor Bruce Hood

The Self Illusion: The brain's greatest con trick?

11 Apr 2013
Professor Bruce Hood is director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre.


Redesigning the Future

11 Apr 2013
Nat Hunter, Jonathan Chapman, Rich Gilbert, and Mark Shayler discuss sustainable manufacturing on the RSA/Tindale panel

Vikram Patel

The Global Mental Health Crisis: What the rich world can learn from the poor

10 Apr 2013
Vikram Patel is joint director of the Centre for Global Mental Health and the co-founder of Sangath.

Chimamanda Adichie

Humanising History & Connecting Cultures: The role of literature

10 Apr 2013
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an award-winning novelist and author of Half of A Yellow Sun and Americanah

Re-Imagining Work: Shifts in the digital revolution

08 Apr 2013
Dave Coplin is chief envisioning officer, Microsoft.

James OBrien

LBC 97.3 Live at the RSA: Is this the end of the NHS as we know it?

26 Mar 2013
James O'Brien currently presents the flagship mid-morning show on London’s talk radio station LBC 97.3 where he continues to challenge the traditional phone-in format by focussing on people’s experiences rather than opinions.

Geoff Mulgan

The Locust and the Bee

26 Mar 2013
Geoff Mulgan is the chief executive of Nesta

Liberty and Security – for all or the (privileged) few?

22 Mar 2013
Conor Gearty is professor of Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics and founder member, Matrix Chambers

Hernando de Soto

Poor People Also Have the Right to Buy and Sell

21 Mar 2013
Hernando de Soto, president at the Institute for Liberty and Democracy

Evgeny Morozov

Big Data, Small Government? Or What Happens When We Expect Silicon Valley to Do the Job of Politicians

21 Mar 2013
Evgeny Morozov is writer and researcher in politics, society and technology.

Peter Bazalgette

Sir Peter Bazalgette: Inaugural lecture

20 Mar 2013
Sir Peter Bazalgette is the Chair of Arts Council England

Manuel Castells

Networks of Outrage and Hope

20 Mar 2013
Manuel Castells is university professor and Wallis Annenberg chair of Communication Technology and Society at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Design and Society

18 Mar 2013
Alice Rawsthorn is design critic, the International Herald Tribune and author of 'Hello World: Where Design Meets Life' (Hamish Hamilton, 2013).

To watch Sir David Cannadine's talk

Common Humanity: Making 'us vs. them' history

14 Mar 2013
Sir David Cannadine is one of Britain’s most distinguished historians.

Watch Kevin Fong's talk at the RSA


14 Mar 2013
Dr Kevin Fong is a pioneering medical scientist

Watch Paul McMahon's talk at the RSA

Feeding Frenzy

07 Mar 2013
Paul McMahon is a sustainability expert

Watch John Gray's talk at the RSA

The Silence of Animals: On progress and other modern myths

04 Mar 2013
John Gray is one of Britain's most provocative philosophers.

Watch Don Tapscott's talk at the RSA

Solving the World’s Problems Differently

28 Feb 2013
Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media and the economic and social impact of technology.

Watch Dan Pink's talk at the RSA

The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

27 Feb 2013
Dan Pink is the author of a number of provocative bestselling books on the changing world of work.

Stewart Lansley

The Inequality Crisis

21 Feb 2013
Stewart Lansley is an economist

Watch Colin Mayer's talk at the RSA

21st Century Inc.: Making the corporation work for us

14 Feb 2013
Colin Mayer is Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the University of Oxford.

Watch David Grayson's talk at the RSA

CSR 3.0: A new global framework for responsible business

07 Feb 2013
David Grayson is director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility

Ben Hammersley 2013

Tomorrow's Work. Why Yesterday's Expectations Are Ruining Today's Future

07 Feb 2013
Ben Hammersley is the Prime Minister’s Ambassador to TechCity and contributing editor to Wired UK

Jared Diamond

The World Until Yesterday: What we can learn from traditional societies

05 Feb 2013
Jared Diamond is professor of geography at UCLA and an influential author

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