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Watch Professor Lawrence Sherman at the RSA

Professional Policing and Liberal Democracy

01 Nov 2011
Lawrence W. Sherman is Wolfson Professor of Criminology at Cambridge University

Anthony Giddens

The Politics of Climate Change

27 Oct 2011
Anthony Giddens is the former director of the London School of Economics and Political Science

David Blunkett

E-Migration: Migrants in the digital age

25 Oct 2011
With David Blunkett, Sarfraz Manzoor, Dr Titi Banjoko and Robert Winder

Anatol Lieven

British Pakistanis and Pakistan: 21st century citizenship and diasporas

24 Oct 2011
Panel discussion exploring complex and intimate relationships between Pakistan and Britain

Darian Leader

What is Madness?

20 Oct 2011
Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst

Gordon Lynch

The Power of the Sacred

18 Oct 2011
With Jeffrey Alexander and Gordon Lynch

Naomi Eisenstadt

Policy-Making Lessons from Sure Start

13 Oct 2011
Naomi Eisenstadt was the first head of Sure Start

Stef Kranendijk

Re-imagining Business: The transition to the circular economy

12 Oct 2011
Stef Kranendijk is the CEO of Desso

John Lloyd

The News International Scandal and the Rights of Journalism

11 Oct 2011
With John Lloyd, Matthew Taylor, Bruce Page

Baroness Warsi

‘An Unbreakable Friendship’? Where next for Britain and Pakistan?

10 Oct 2011
Baroness Warsi is co-chairman of the Conservative Party

Rachel Armstrong

Humanity 2.0

06 Oct 2011
with Steve Fuller, Andy Miah, China Mieville, Rachel Armstrong and Sarah Chan

Carl Poll

Value Based Social Change - Exploring new frontiers

06 Oct 2011
Carl Poll is a Trustee of Manavodaya UK.

Robert Trivers

Why Do We Deceive Ourselves?

04 Oct 2011
Robert Trivers is Professor of Anthropology and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University.

Michael Pawlyn

Biomimicry in Architecture

29 Sep 2011
Michael Pawlyn is the director of Exploration Architecture and an author

Deborah Jamieson

Are Chronic Diseases Killing our Competitiveness?

29 Sep 2011
with Deborah Jamieson OBE, Dan L Witters, Cary Cooper CBE, Peter Choueiri and Matthew Taylor

Melissa Benn

School Wars

22 Sep 2011
Melissa Benn is co-founder of the Local Schools Network

Luke Johnson

Start it Up: Creating a successful enterprise

14 Sep 2011
Luke Johnson is RSA chairman and an entrepreneur

Owen Jones

After the Riots

08 Sep 2011
Owen Jones is a writer and commentator

Lisa Appignanesi

10 Years After

08 Sep 2011
with John Gray, Lisa Appignanesi, Sarfraz Manzoor, Mehdi Hasan and James Robbins.

Ed Husain

Pathways to and from Radicalisation

07 Sep 2011
with Ed Husain, Scott Atran and Madeleine Bunting

Oren Harman

The Price of Altruism

06 Sep 2011
Oren Harman is an author and academic

Jason Burke

The 911 Wars

06 Sep 2011
Jason Burke is chief reporter for the Observer

Timothy Wilson - Redirect


01 Sep 2011
Professor Timothy Wilson is a renowned social psychologist

Samir Mahklouf

Have the elites failed? Lessons from the Arab spring for Israel and Palestine

14 Jul 2011
Dr Claire Spencer, Rt Hon Dennis Macshane MP, Tal Harris, Samer Makhlouf and Matthew Taylor

Simon Mainwaring

We First Capitalism

14 Jul 2011
Simon Mainwaring, award-winning social brand consultant and author.

John Healey MP

Can the Government be trusted to reform the NHS?

11 Jul 2011
With John Healey MP, Dr Evan Harris, Jennifer Dixon, Stephen Dorrell MP and James O'Brien

Nicola Mendelsohn

The Mad Men We Love to Hate: Our changing relationship with advertising

07 Jul 2011
With Nicola Mendelsohn, Lord Watson, Sam Delaney and Matthew Taylor

Martin Seligman


06 Jul 2011
Martin Seligman, founder of the Positive Psychology movement

Professor Raymond Tallis

Neuromania? The possibilities and pitfalls of our fascination with brains

05 Jul 2011
Professor Raymond Tallis, philosopher, poet, novelist and cultural critic

Dr Paul Howard Jones

What is the Internet Doing to our Brains?

04 Jul 2011
Dr Paul Howard Jones, leading expert in neuroscience and education

Paul Bloom

Why Do We Like What We Like?

30 Jun 2011
Paul Bloom, evolutionary psychologist

Eli Pariser

The Filter Bubble: How the hidden web is shaping lives

23 Jun 2011
Eli Pariser, online pioneer, founder, and President,

Kerri Facer

Education for Uncertain Futures

20 Jun 2011
With Professor Becky Francis, Dr Patrick Hazelwood, Carolyn Unsted, Professor Keri Facer and Dougald Hine

Tomas Sedlacek

The Economics of Good and Evil

16 Jun 2011
Tomáš Sedláček, chief macroeconomic strategist, ČSOB

Simon Baron Cohen

Zero Degrees of Empathy

14 Jun 2011
Professor Simon Baron Cohen, expert in autism and developmental psychopathology.

Ian Leslie

Necessary Lies

09 Jun 2011
Ian Leslie, writer and commentator

Matthew Taylor - Enlightened Enterprise

Enlightened Enterprise

09 Jun 2011
Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA

Tim Harford

Adapt: Why success always starts with failure

06 Jun 2011
Tim Harford, author, columnist and presenter of Radio 4's "More or Less"

Gary Lachman

Carl Jung - Legacy and Influence

02 Jun 2011
With Mark Vernon, Robert Rowland-Smith and Gary Lachman

Sherry Turkle

Alone Together

01 Jun 2011
Sherry Turkle, MIT technology and society specialist

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