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Doug Saunders

Arrival City: How migration is reshaping our world

31 May 2011
Doug Saunders, journalist and author

Jonathan Wolff

Ethics and Public Life

31 May 2011
Jonathan Wolff, professor of philosophy, UCL

Julian Baggini

What Does it Mean to be You?

26 May 2011
Julian Baggini, author, editor and co-founder, The Philosophers' Magazine

Margaret Hodge MP

Can we ever have a grown-up debate about immigration?

23 May 2011
With Margaret Hodge MP, Peter Lilley MP, Matthew Taylor, Robert Winder and James O'Brien

David Brooks

The Social Animal

19 May 2011
David Brooks, New York Times columnist

Michelle Bachelet

UN Women: A new mandate for gender equality

16 May 2011
Michelle Bachelet, under secretary general, UN Women

Dr Peter Millican

Hume at 300

12 May 2011
Nicholas Phillipson and Dr Peter Millican.

Edgar Cahn

Building the Core Economy

11 May 2011
Edgar Cahn, founder of the global TimeBanking movement

Joseph Nye

The Future of Power

10 May 2011
Joseph S. Nye, one of America's leading policy intellectuals

Alan Renwick

The RSA/Hansard Society AV Debate

05 May 2011
With Dr Alan Renwick, John Rentoul, Robert Colvile and Ruth Fox

Brian Christian

A Defence of Humanity in the Age of the Computer

04 May 2011
Brian Christian, author

Richard Layard

Happiness: New Lessons

18 Apr 2011
Richard Layard, professor of economics, LSE

Chandran Nair

Constraining Consumption

18 Apr 2011
Chandran Nair, CEO, the Global Institute For Tomorrow

Paul Gilding

The Great Disruption: How humankind can thrive in the 21st Century

13 Apr 2011
Paul Gilding, independent writer and adviser on climate change and sustainability

Jim Harter

New Metrics for a New Era: The Gallup-Healthways UK Well-Being Index

12 Apr 2011
With Jim Harter PhD, Ben Leedle, Jim Clifton, Dr David Halpern, Paul Allin and Matthew Taylor

James Gleick

The Information

11 Apr 2011
James Gleick, writer

Rebecca Asher

Modern Parenting: Policy, politics and the illusion of equality

07 Apr 2011
With Rebecca Asher, Jack O'Sullivan, Adrienne Burgess and Matthew Taylor

Josh Foer

The End of Remembering

06 Apr 2011
Joshua Foer, journalist and memory champion

Barbara Strauch

The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain

06 Apr 2011
Barbara Strauch, health and science editor, New York Times

Martin Nowak


05 Apr 2011
Martin Nowak, evolutionary biologist

Ed Miliband

Public Services and the Promise of Britain

04 Apr 2011
Ed Miliband, leader, the Labour Party

Ben Okri

A Time for New Dreams

04 Apr 2011
Ben Okri, writer and poet

Maurice Walsh

Does Ireland have a Future?

31 Mar 2011
Maurice Walsh, Alistair Horne Visiting Fellow, St Antony's College Oxford

Jonathan Douglas

Where Will the Big Society Happen?

28 Mar 2011
With Loyd Grossman, Chris Nash, Christian Busch, Jonathan Douglas and Sarah Gaventa

Assa Ashuach

Twenty-first Century Manufacture

24 Mar 2011
With Assa Ashuach, Sebastian Conran, Roland Harwood and Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Diane Coyle

The Economics of Enough

24 Mar 2011
Diane Coyle, economist

Laurence Smith

The New North

23 Mar 2011
Laurence Smith, professor of earth and space science, the University of California

Bruce Alexander

Addiction: What to Do When Everything Else has Failed

22 Mar 2011
Bruce Alexander, psychologist

Robert Kurzban

Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite

17 Mar 2011
Robert Kurzban, associate professor in the department of psychology, University of Pennsylvania.

Sir David Attenborough

People and Planet

16 Mar 2011
Sir David Attenborough, broadcaster and naturalist

Tim Wu

The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

16 Mar 2011
Tim Wu, technological historian

Mark Malloch Brown

The Unfinished Global Revolution

16 Mar 2011
Mark Malloch Brown, former deputy secretary-general, the UN

Henry Hemming

The Death of the English Village?

03 Mar 2011
Henry Hemming, author

Niall Ferguson 2011

Civilisation: Is the West history?

03 Mar 2011
Niall Ferguson, historian

John Howkens

IP for Innovation and Growth

02 Mar 2011
With Sarah Hunter, John Howkins, Simon Juden, Alison Wenham, Dame Lynne Brindley DBE, Ian Hargreaves

James O'Brien

RSA/LBC Debate - A future fair for all?

28 Feb 2011
With James O'Brien, Will Hutton, Mark Littlewood, Angela Hobbs, James Bartholomew and Matthew Taylor

Ian Ayres

Carrots and Sticks: Unlocking the power of incentives

24 Feb 2011
Professor Ian Ayres, economist and lawyer

Canon Dr Ann Holt

Is there a place for God in Education?

23 Feb 2011
With Canon Dr Ann Holt OBE, Andrew Copson, Dr Joyce Miller, Professor Trevor Cooling, Dr Mohamed Mukadam and Sheena McDonald

David Jordan

The Inevitability of Polemical Broadcasting: the Foxes are Coming

17 Feb 2011
With David Jordan, Peter Hitchens and John Lloyd

Will Self

Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death

10 Feb 2011
With John Gray and Will Self

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