Fellows' profiles

In Your Network - Benita Matofska
Benita Matofska runs People who Share, a social enterprise based in Brighton encouraging collaboration. She wants to connect with Fellows on an event coming up where Fellows can get involved - National Sharing Day.
In Your Network - Keith Horsfall FRSA
Keith Horsfall is a long-standing Fellow and acting chair of the West Midlands region. He is currently engaging communities in the Olympic torch relay through Birmingham and would like to connect to Fellows at what he feels is an exciting time for the RSA.
In Your Network - Liz Willis FRSA
Liz Willis FRSA runs a social enterprise that operates across 34 countries helping women reach their full potential. She talks about the importance of creativity and what she would do to help women in the workplace.
In your network: Robert Reed FRSA
Robert Reed FRSA is an illustrator, working on a number of projects in the UK and overseas. He talks of joining the Fellowship and how he would like to give back to society.
In Your Network - Emma Smith FRSA
Emma Smith is an artist who focuses on art and its relationship to place and community. She talks about her work and connecting to other Fellows with an interest in the Arctic region.
In Your Network - Antoinette Saxer FRSA
Antoinette Saxer FRSA, Founder of Amnaia PR & Production and is currently working on the upcoming Good Fashion Show which focuses on eco-ethical and responsible fashion. She talks about why eco-fashion inspires her and what she would like to connect to other Fellows.
In Your Network: Trevor Philpott FRSA
As increasing numbers of military veterans are entering the justice system, Trevor Philpott FRSA is currently exploring alternative ways to traditional custodial and probation methods at the Veterans Change Partnership.
In Your Network - Annika Small FRSA
Annika Small FRSA is Chief Executive of Nominet Trust, an organisation supporting social enterprises using technology to make society better. She talks of the latest challenge the Trust have set up to help address challenges facing older people and why she joined the Fellowship.
In Your Network - Kat Alder FRSA
Kathleen Alder is a Director of WildKat PR and Culturefull, a website which will allow first-time concert-goers to attend an event with an experienced advocate. She would like to collaborate with Fellows on this start-up.
In Your Network - Chris James FRSA
Chris James FRSA, Director and Co-founder of an award winning non-profit social enterprise called Inspired Youth. For the past year, Chris has also been a part of the Social Enterprise Spotlight project run by the Social Entrepreneurs network.
In Your Network: Andrew Cribb FRSA
Andrew Cribb FRSA is Director of 3Space which works with landlords to enable charities and social enterprises to use otherwise empty property, free of charge. Andrew would like to connect with Fellows who are involved with any social organisations that need space for temporary projects.
In Your Network - Rob Wilmot FRSA
Rob Wilmot FRSA was a founding executive of Freeserve in the late 90s and now is involved with a number of technology and media ventures. He is also running a couple of initiatives aimed at exploring innovative ways to improve education.
In your network: Alice Kershaw FRSA
Alice Kershaw FRSA is Heritage Regeneration Officer for Peterborough, where the Citizen Power Project is run. She talk here of the importance of building upon the heritage of a community.
In Your Network: Victoria Lennox FRSA
Victoria Lennox FRSA, Founder and Chair of the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) and is working to build the Startup Canada campaign. She would like to connect with other Fellows working in entrepreneurship particularly in Canada.
In your Network: Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop FRSA
Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop is founder of an educational social enterprise, Digital Explorer. He would like to connect to other Fellows about how we can educate our young people with real world education.
In Your Network: Sian Evans FRSA
Sian Evans FRSA is one of the last ornamental coppersmiths in the UK. Sian was recently awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel Fellowship to journey around Europe. We spoke to her about her profession and how she would like to connect to other Fellows.
In Your Network: Sandy Rodger FRSA
Sandy Rodger FRSA works in climate change and sustainability and how leaders can help tackle the issues. He also leads the Environment in the Classroom project, inspiring children to think about the environment and would like to speak to other Fellows about this.
In Your Network: Ed Whiting FRSA
Ed Whiting FRSA, Co-founder and Director of WeDidThis.org.uk, a not-for-profit ‘crowdfunding’ website for UK artists and arts organisations discusses how he would like to connect with Fellows.
In Your Network: Clive Bonny FRSA
Clive Bonny FRSA was recently awarded RSA Catalyst funds helping students sell recycled garments. He would like to hear from any Fellows who have an interest in helping students to explore their entrepreneurial talent.
In Your Network: Philip Dundas FRSA
Philip Dundas FRSA works for Agency East, a social enterprise. He talks here about the recently founded ambitionUK project, a project giving disengaged young people a chance to get ahead.
In Your Network: Laura Billings FRSA
Laura Billings FRSA decribes what inspires her to work on local initiatives and what she would like to connect to other Fellows about.