Please find below more information about the industry options to help you tag yourself and find other Fellows more easily. Please choose a first and second level classification that you feel best fits your current work. An industry is a category of business activity – as opposed to an occupation. For example, an HR manager working for the RSA would be listed under Membership Organisations. This listing is only one of the ways to tag your profile and you can tell people more about yourself under ‘Interests’ and ‘About’.


This list has been adapted from the latest Standard Industry Classification from the Office of National Statistics, and as such is a recognised breakdown of industry listings. Monitoring this allows the RSA to maintain the diversity of experience and expertise across the Fellowship, that Fellows say is of great value to them, and allows us our unique interdisciplinary approach.


Industry Level 1
Industry Level 2
Notes Examples
Accommodation and food service Accommodation Hotel, camping ground, holiday accommodation, youth hostel Butlins, Holiday Inn
Accomodation and food service Restaurants & other food service Restaurant, pub, takeaway, event catering, bar, cafe Leon's, Strada, Starbucks, Eat
Admin and support services Employment & HR Employment agency, human resources, casting agency Reed, Office Angels, JobCentrePlus, Select, Manpower, Women Like Us
Admin and support services Office admin & other support services Office administration, photocopy services, secretarial services, call centres, conference organisers, event organisers, court reporting, rental and leasing FedEx Kinko, 
Admin and support services Security & building services Security guards, patrols, investigation services, security alarm systems, pest control, extermination Group-3, ADT
Admin and support services Travel agency & tour operators Reservation services, tourist guides Opodo, Hoseasons, Expedia
Agriculture Crop & animal production Crops, animals, hunting, farming  
Agriculture Fishing Fishing, aquaculture  
Agriculture Forestry Forestry, logging  
Arts and recreation Artists & art restoration Individual artists, painter, sculptor, engraver, cartoonist  
Arts and recreation Arts facilities, theatres & galleries Concerts, theatres, art galleries Barbican, White Cube, Whitechapel Gallery, Edinburgh Festival
Arts and recreation Libraries, archives & museums Libraries, archives, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, historial sites, nature reserves, world heritage sites Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, London Zoo, Kew Gardens, Stone Henge, British Museum
Arts and recreation Performing arts Live music, actors, orchestras, plays, dancers, musicians, circuses, lecturers, speakers, theatre companies, directors, producers, stage-set, lighting engineers, entertainment  
Arts and recreation Sports & recreation Gambling, betting, sports facilities, stadiums, racetracks, swimming pools, golfcourse, bowling lane, winter sports, track and field, atheletes, sports clubs, amusement parks, theme parks, private and local authority sports facilities Arsenal Emirates Stadium, Goodwood, Allstar Lanes, Thorpe Park, Canons, local authority gym, Wimbledon, Camelot
Arts and recreation Writers & journalists Writers, fiction, non-fiction, technial writing, independent journalists  
Construction Building, civil engineer, skilled trade Buildings, roads, railways, bridges, demolition, eletrical installation, plumbing, plastering, joinery, roofing, scaffolding, government building and civil engineering department Balfour Beatty, Wates, Shepherd
Education Cultural Adult continuing, vocational, music lessons, drama, art, dance, fine arts, performing arts, photography RADA
Education Educational testing & support Educational consultation, educational guidance counselling, educational testing services AQA, OCR, Edexcel
Education Higher arts Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, art, film, media, photography, drama  
Education Higher - business & law Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, business studies, law, economics LSE, Manchester Business School
Education Higher earth science Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, geography, archeology, geology, environmental studies  
Education Higher - humanities Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, english, history, religious studies, philosophy  
Education Higher - management & other Management, administration  
Education Higher - science & engineering Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, maths, medicine, architecture, town planning  
Education Higher - social science & psychology Baccalaureate, graduate, post-graduate, sociology, ethnography, psychology, community,  education, economics  
Education Other Driving school, lifeguard training, language instruction, public speaking training, computer training, remedial courses  
Education Pre-primary (see 'Health and social work' for child day care)  
Education Primary    
Education Secondary General, technical and vocational  
Education Sports & recreation Adult continuting, vocational, sports, gymnastics, riding, swimming, martial arts, yoga  
Finance and insurance Banking & investment Banks, central bank, credit unions, building societies, holding companies, trusts, investment funds, mortgages, financial leasing, venture capital, loans, credit cards, pawn broker, money lender, stock exchange broker, commodities dealer  
Finance and insurance Insurance & pensions Life insurance, travel insurance, contents insurance, employee benefits, pension funds, retirement plans  
Finance and insurance Other financial services Risk and damage assessment, brokers, salvage administration, fund management  
Health and social work Medical & dental care Medical and paramedical staff, nursing, midwifery, specialist practitioner, technical analysis, testing, inpatient care, operating rooms, hosptial pharmacy, family planning, GP, dentists,  surgeons, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, chiropody, medical laboratories, blood banks, ambulance transport  
Health and social work Residential care & social work Nursing homes, elderly, rehabilitation, disability, mental illness, substance misuse, hostel, half-way house, rehabilitation, assisted living, boarding homes, homeless shelters, juvenile correction homes, welfare, visting and daycare, child day care, adoption, counselling, community and neighbourhood activities, prevention of cruelty, vocational rehabilitiation, activities for immigrants and refugees  
Information and communication Broadcasting & programming Radio, television, broadcasting, programming BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky
Information and communication Film, television & music Film, video, television production, post-production, distribution, music publishing, sound recording, record label Chrysalis, EMI, Faber, Talkback Thames, Harlequin, Fat Face Records
Information and communication Computer programming & info services Computer programming, software development, data processing, web portals, news agency Google, Yahoo, Reuters, Microsoft, Facebook, Bebo
Information and communication Publishing Books, mailing list, newspaper, journal, software, computer games Blackwells, Guardian, Times, 
Information and communication Telecommunication Wired, wireless and satellite BT, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, O2
International organisations International organisations Activites of international organisations such as United Nations, World Bank, OPEC United Nations, World Customs Organisation, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, OPEC, European Communities
Manufacturing Beverages Spirits, wine, cider, beer, soft drinks, mineral water Sam Smiths, Vittel, Coke Cola, Jacobs Creek, Guinness
Manufacturing Chemical glass plastic & metal Paint, glue, plastics, rubber, fertilisers, cleaning products, glass, ceramics, concrete, metal, coke, refined petroleum, perfumes BASF, Monsanto
Manufacturing Computer & electrical equipment Computers, telephones, communication equipment, watches, clocks, cameras, consumer electronics, cables, lighting, repair, installation, batteries Nikon, Sony, Canon, JVC, Toshiba, Swatch, Duracell
Manufacturing Food Processing, preserving, meat, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables, dairy, oils, fats, grains, bakery, pasta, sugar, confectionary, coffee, tea, condiments Walkers, Kelloggs, Mars, Yeo Valley, Kingsmill, Cafedirect, Tetleys, Heinz
Manufacturing Machinery & vehicles Engines, turbines, motor, tractor, car, caravan, boat, trailer, train, plane, boilers, radiators, tools BMW, Boeing, Volvo, Bombardier
Manufacturing Other Tobacco, jewellery, musical instruments, sports goods, toys, medical supplies Corgi, Lego, Hornby, Yamaha
Manufacturing Paper & printing Paper, cardboard, sanitary goods, stationery, pulp, printing, recorded media, reproduction of cds, dvd, cassettes James Cropper plc,  Bounty,  Andrex, Printing Direct
Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Medicinal, chemical, botanical preparations, antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, homeopathic preparations, contraceptives, biotech Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Nelsons, Bachs
Manufacturing Textiles, leather & clothing Weaving, knitting, textiles, wearing apparel, leather, soft furnishings, household linen, carpets, rope, workwear, clothing, outer wear, underwear Palmhive, Replin Fabrics
Manufacturing Wood & furniture Wood, cork, sawmill, planing, veneer, parquet flooring, wooden products, furniture, kitchen, office, shop, mattresses, beds, garden furniture Dreams, Vitra, Twyford
Membership organisations Arts & cultural Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, arts clubs, film clubs, music clubs, collectors clubs British Board of Film Classification
Membership organisations Business & employment Development and prosperity of enterprises in a particular business or trade, chambers of commerce, business federations, lobby groups British Frozen Food Federation, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, UK Business Council
Membership organisations Community & educational Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, citizens initiative, protest movement, community centre Raleigh International, Plane Stupid, Bishopsgate Institute
Membership organisations Environmental & ecological Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, conservation, preservation, green, sustainability, stewardship, management of resources Greenpeace, WWF, Friends of the Earth, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, National Trust
Membership organisations Health Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, healthcare, health improvements, health support, nutrition, healthy eating National Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Breatkthrough BreastCancer, Local Food Links, Foodaware
Membership organisations Political organisations Influence decision making in public office by placing members of the party in political office, dissemination of information, public relations, fundraising Labour Party, Conservatives, Green Party, Liberal Democrats
Membership organisations Professional membership Scholarly interest, technical field, professional practice, associations of professions, dissemination of information, establishment and supervision of standards of practise General Medical Council, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Royal Institute of British Architects
Membership organisations Religious organisations Religious organisations, individuals, provision of services to worshippers, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques East London Mosque, St Marys Church
Membership organisations Human rights & international development Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, protection and advocacy, minority groups, poverty, international development, human rights Amnesty International, Oxfam, WaterAid, National Council for Civil Liberties, NSPCC
Membership organisations Social, youth & other Public education, grant giving, fundraising, political influence, youth groups, student associations, fraternities, animal, automobile, consumer Guides, Scouts, Rotary, Freemasons, Lodges, RSPCA, AA, RAC, Student Union, YMCA
Membership organisations Trade unions Promoting the interests of organised labour and union employees Unison, Unite, NUT
Mining and quarrying Mining & quarrying Coal, petroleum, natural gas, metal ore, other UK Coal, Anglesey Mining, AngloAmerican, Rio Tinto
Professional Accounting & book-keeping Accounting, book-keeping, auditing, tax consultants KPMG
Professional Advertising & market research Advertising, media representation, market research, opinion polling YouGov
Professional Architecture & engineering Architecture, urban planning, engineering design, landscape architecture, technical testing  
Professional Business & financial management Management consultancy, risk consultancy  
Professional Design & photography Fashion, industrial, graphic, photography, portraits  
Professional Environmental consultant & quant survey Adherence to legal and quality standards, regulatory compliance, advice, costing, guidelines, business brokerage, weather forecasting, agronomy Enviros, Entec, Mayer, MET Office
Professional Legal activities Barristers, solicitors, copyright agents, chambers  
Professional Other professional technical scientific Translation, interpretation, vetinary  
Professional PR & communications Public relations, communications, public affairs, lobbyist Bell Pottinger, Fishburn Hedges,
Professional Research natural science & engineering Research, applied research, experimental development, natural sciences, engineering, biotechnology, agricultural, medical National Institute for Medical Research
Professional Research social science & humanities Research, applied research, experimental development, social sciences and humanities IPPR, Demos, NESTA, Economic and Social Research Council
Public administration and regulation Agriculture and land use Public administration, regulation and subsidy allocation, research and development, improve economic areas, reduce unemployment, regional development, general labour affairs Defra, Planning Inspectorate, Land Registry
Public administration and regulation Community, housing & social services Public administration of programmes, research, development policies, public grants and sponsoring, improving personal well-being (See 'health and social care' for practitioner roles) English Parnerships, Regional Development Agency
Public administration and regulation Culture, recreation & sport Public administration of programmes, research, development policies, public grants and sponsoring, improving personal well-being (See 'Arts and Recreation' for pracitioner roles) Arts Council, Olympic Organising Committee, English Heritage, British Council, Heritage Lottery Fund
Public administration and regulation Defence Military defence, army, navy, airforce, reserve and auxillary forces, defence related research and policy  
Public administration and regulation Energy & communication Public administration, regulation and subsidy allocation, research and development, improve economic areas, reduce unemployment, regional development, general labour affairs Ofcom, Ofgem
Public administration and regulation Education Public administration of programmes, research, development policies, public grants and sponsoring, improving personal well-being, education (See 'eduation' for practitioner roles) Ofsted, DSCF, 
Public administration and regulation Environment Public administration of programmes, research, development policies, public grants and sponsoring, improving personal well-being Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Natural England
Public administration and regulation Exec admin, fiscal social plan & stats Executive and legislative administration of local, national and regional bodies, administration of fiscal affairs, tax, duty, customs, public funds, public debt, social planning, statistical services HM Revenue and Customs, Office of National Statistics, Centre for Public Scrutiny, IdEA, Central Office of Information, HM Treasury, Audit Commission
Public administration and regulation Foreign affairs Foreign affairs, diplomatic and consular missions, aid to foreign countries, foreign trade, international finance, international peacekeeping forces, technical and training assistance abroad Department of Foreign Affairs, British Embassy
Public administration and regulation Health Public administration of programmes, research, development policies, public grants and sponsoring, improving personal well-being, health, (See 'health and social care' for practitioner roles) Health and Safety Executive, National Institute of Clinical Excellence, Department of Heatlh, NHS Executive and Management
Public administration and regulation Criminal justice & judicial services Administration of civil and criminal courts, military tribunals, legal representation, prison administration, correctional services, rehabilitation Crown Court, HMP Wormwood, Youth Offending Centre
Public administration and regulation Public order & safety Police, fire services, port guards, border control, coastguards, traffic wardens, school crossing patrol, crime squad, peacetime disaster management   
Public administration and regulation Compulsory social security Social security, benefits, government employee pension schemes, benefits, family and child, sickness, unemployment, disability, maternity, work-accident Department of Work and Pensions
Public administration and regulation Tourism & trade Public administration, regulation and subsidy allocation, research and development, improve economic areas, reduce unemployment, regional development, general labour affairs Visit Britain, Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, English Heritage, Trading Standards
Public administration and regulation Transport & infrastructure Public administration, regulation and subsidy allocation, research and development, improve economic areas, reduce unemployment, regional development, general labour affairs (See 'transport' for practitioner roles) DVLA
Real estate Real estate & housing Buying, selling, renting, letting, operating, including Housing Association, conference and exhibition centres Foxtons, Keatons, RightMove, Haart, Anchor Trust, Barnet Homes, Brent Housing Partnership
Services Repair, beauty, funeral & other services Repair computers and household goods, hairdressing and other beauty services, washing and drycleaning, funeral services, pet care, tattooing and piercing, saunas, salons Aveda, Coop Funeral Care, 
Trade Retail clothing chemist & other Clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, watches, glasses, shoes, dispensing chemist, flowers, commercial art, opticians, souvenirs, antiques, second-hand goods TopShop, Boots, Clarks, H&M, Christies, Oxfam Shop
Trade Retail food & beverages Fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, bread, beverages, tobacco, dairy, eggs Tesco, Sainsburys
Trade Retail household comms & IT equipment Textiles, hardware, paints, electrical appliances, furniture, carpets, rugs, lighting, computers, audio-visual, mobile phones, musical instruments, scores Comet, Dixons, John Lewis, PC World, B&Q
Trade Retail not in stores Markets, stalls, online, box schemes Amazon, Borough Market, Abel and Cole
Trade Retail cultural & recreational Books, music, video, DVD, games, toys, sports equipment, newspapers, stationary WH Smith, HMV, ToysRUs, Zavvi
Trade Wholesale food & beverages Fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, bread, beverages, tobacco, dairy, eggs, sugar, confectionary, tea, coffee, spices Dairy Crest, Goodness Foods
Trade Wholesale household comms & IT equipment Textiles, clothing, footwear, electrical applicances, china, glassware, cosmetics, watches, jewellery, cleaning materials, furniture, carpets, lighting, computers Medways UK, Marthill International
Trade Wholesale vehicles & other machinery Agricultural machinery, machine tools, mining and construction machinery, sewing machines, motor vehicles  
Trade Wholesale agricultural chemicals & other Agriculture, grain, seeds, plants, live animals, skins, hides, leather, petroleum, metal, wood, sanitary equipment, hardware, plumbing and heating supplies, scrap and waste  
Transport Air transport Scheduled, non-scheduled, freight, space British Airways, EasyJet
Transport Postal & other transport Postal, courier, warehousing, transport support, station upkeep, passenger facilities, cargo handling Royal Mail, FedEx
Transport Rail & road transport Passenger, freight, mainline rail, underground, taxi services, bus, coach, tram, shuttle bus, school bus, trucking, removals London Underground, Eddie Stobart, National Express
Transport Water transport Sea, coastal, canal, ferries, cruise, water taxi, canal boats P&O
Utilities Electricity & gas Production, transmission, trade, distribution, gas, electricity, air conditioning, steam British Gas, Scottish Power
Utilities Waste collection, management & recycling Waste collection, treatment, materials recovery, waste management and clean-up Onyx, Biffa, Viridor
Utilities Water supply & sewerage Water collection, treatment, fresh water supply, sewerage treatment Thames Water, South East Water, Mid-Kent Water