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    Self-employed Salvation?

    The UK is experiencing a boom in microbusinesses and self-employment.

    Skills report published

    The RSA City Growth Commission concluded that local administrations in cities should have the power to control government spending on skills.

    New RSA site

    The RSA’s new website, due to launch in the autumn, will offer powerful ways of finding and connecting with other Fellows based on their skills and location.

    African Diaspora launch

    The RSA launched the new Diaspora ChangeMakers network at a high-energy event at RSA House on April 28.

    Outstanding academy

    In May, Ofsted published its report on Arrow Vale RSA Academy, awarding the school ‘outstanding’ in every category.

    Oxbridge success

    RSA Academy in Tipton is celebrating its first Oxbridge entrant, with a little help from the RSA Fellowship.