Spring 2009


RSA Journal - Reversal of Fortunes

Reversal of Fortunes

Amid scepticism over the free-market consensus, the financial crisis has paved the way for a Keynesian resurgence. But, warns Oliver Kamm, this is not the time for grandiose ideological theses.

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RSA Journal - Descent of Rational Man

Descent of Rational Man

From the ‘herding instincts’ of traders to our unselfish approach to transactions, behavioural studies are turning the economic orthodoxy of rational self-interest on its head. Pete Lunn explains what this means for consumer policy.

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RSA Journal - Science of Spending

Science of Spending

Impulse buying, ever-increasing credit card balances and other irrational financial behaviours aren’t just driven by greed and short-sightedness. Jonah Lehrer examines the psychology and brain chemistry behind our escalating levels of debt.

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RSA Journal - The Fairer Sex

The Fairer Sex

Barbara Taylor examines the history of the archetypal kind-hearted female and asks whether women are the answer to our current economic woes.

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RSA Journal - End of the Road

End of the Road

Cultural Commentator Stephen Bayley laments the passing of the motor car as a symbol of technical and aesthetic extravagance.

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RSA Journal - Our Common Purpose

Our Common Purpose

The worldwide recession, the food crisis and climate change have demonstrated the limitations of top-down, inter-government rule. Paul Collier argues that a bottom-up approach, driven by informed citizens, offers our best hope of addressing global problems.

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RSA Journal - Regeneration Games

Regeneration Game

Steve Broome, director of research at the RSA, asks how we can gain a better understanding of community networks and capitalise on a predicted upturn in the overall stock of social capital during the current economic downturn.

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RSA Journal - Last Word

Last Word

Authors are consigned to the Ministry of Fiction in Will Self's dystopian tale of life after the Great Recession.

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Collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership in times of change

For leaders, employees or citizens the scale of our interdependence is ever more apparent, the connections are getting wider and the speed of impact ever quicker.

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Journal Extra

Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth Gould in conversation

Benjamin Franklin Medal winner Elizabeth Gould talks to Matthew Taylor about how experience influences the brain

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Professor Nigel Thrift

University Challenge

Are mergers and foreign takeovers the future for British universities? Are degree courses too specialised and their providers not specialised enough? Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice Chancellor at the University of Warwick, assesses the innovations needed to make our higher education fit for purpose. View the video.

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RSA Journal - Luke

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson has been appointed chair of the RSA for 2009, taking over from Gerry Acher on 1 April.

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RSA Journal - Manchester

Manchester curriculum

RSA Education is launching an Area Based Curriculum project, which aims to raise levels of aspiration and achievement by engaging young people in the life of their community.

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RSA Journal - RSA Users

RSA engaging ‘users’

Current and former drug users are to help with research for an RSA project aimed at producing an innovative range of new end-to-end drug services.

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New design directions

Design Directories

The RSA’s Design Directions student competition has introduced two ‘super briefs’ this year.

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News in Brief

The RSA was delighted to award this year’s prestigious Benjamin Franklin medal to Professor Elizabeth Gould for her groundbreaking work on neurogenesis.

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Arts and Ecology - Respond

Arts news

The RSA Arts & Ecology Centre, in association with BASH, will run the new Respond! campaign. Artists, galleries and museums across the country are joining forces to take part in the first nationwide arts campaign to address environmental issues.

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Design directions awards

Design directions awards

The RSA Design Directions scheme posed a set of diverse design challenges to students in 2009, including a brief on Action for Age. Winners in this group astounded the judges.

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News in Brief

A quick reminder that nominations for the RSA Fellowship Council will close at 12 noon on 22 May; plus RSA Events news.

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