The way ahead for Peterborogh

The RSA’s Citizen Power programme, which was set up to explore citizens’ role in a changing social, political and economic landscape, launched its Peterborough programme on 8 March at the RSA. Irene Lucas, director general of the Department for Communities and Local Government, and David Halpern, director of research at the Institute of Government, led a wide-ranging discussion about how to cultivate ‘active citizenship’ by building citizens’ capacity to solve problems in their own communities.

The project report, published on 22 March, proposes ways to create a collective identity for Peterborough that will strengthen local people’s sense of belonging and encourage them to participate more actively in the life of the community. It looks in particular at how to close the ‘social aspiration gap’ in Peterborough – the discrepancy between the city as it is today and as its citizens would like it to be.

Sam Mclean, director of public participation at the RSA, commented: “Citizen Power aims to develop innovative ideas about the relationship between people and place that will help us to build more engaged, altruistic, creative and resilient communities in Peterborough and beyond.”

Read Citizen Power's full report.