Blueprint for investment

As the UK economy seeks ways to climb out of recession, a new RSA report will show how companies and institutional investors can be more accountable across the board.

The Tomorrow’s Investor study is a unique piece of deliberative research into investment and accountability. It looks at the past performance and future prospects of key aspects of the economy such as fund management, pensions and savings, offering practical guidance on how the UK economy can overcome its problems. “Encouraging long-term saving, and ensuring it is invested responsibly and efficiently, is one of the most intractable problems our society currently faces,” said Aziz Boghani, consultant on the project. “This paper will offer a clear blueprint for change. We would urge all concerned parties – individuals, companies, pension providers, administrators and government – to take account of its recommendations.”

Pensions reform has been a major target of the present government. The Pensions Commission has made some bold recommendations, such as the introduction of a national pensions savings scheme: Personal Accounts, due to come into effect in 2012. But, the RSA report argues, in its present form the scheme will not create an effective savings mechanism and is held back by its own remit. The report goes on to show how we can overcome these constraints.

The Tomorrow’s Investor project includes analysis of the investment chain, which it identifies as existing for two principal reasons: to allow cost-effective investment in companies; and to ensure that capital owners are accountable. At present, neither goal is being realised and this paper gives practical guidance on remedying the situation.

To find out more about the project and to download both the interim report and the final report (to be published in July), please visit Tomorrow's Investor 

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