New era for fellowship

The creation of the RSA Fellowship Council represents a paradigm shift in the relationship between the RSA and its Fellows. The new body will enable the Fellowship to realise its true potential as a dynamic and powerful network that can work alongside the RSA in the development of projects and activities that are aligned with its charitable aims.

Director of Fellowship Belinda Lester said: ‘The Fellowship Council is a key outcome of the transformation work that the RSA has undertaken in the past two years and it signals an important development in the ongoing dialogue between the Fellows and the RSA. Terms of reference for the Council have been informed by our conversations with Fellows; it will be a representative forum for Fellows to engage with the governance of the RSA, and it will support a better working relationship between Fellows and the RSA while at the same time making sure the Fellowship is as active as possible.’

Elections are currently taking place for members of the new Council and voting is due to close on 7 July. More than 50 candidates put themselves forward, with each of them needing nominations from at least five other Fellows.

To ensure that the Council is truly representative, 20 of its 40 members will be Fellow-elected; while the other 20 will be appointed by the Board of Trustees to ensure that the make-up of the Council is balanced in terms of age, gender, industry representation, membership duration and skillsets.

Members will represent the interests of the Fellowship within the wider strategic context and direction of the RSA and act as a forum for trustees and management to discuss strategy, policy and projects. More widely, the Council’s functions will include endorsing and implementing a Fellows’ Charter that will set out a new code of rights, responsibilities and opportunities; reviewing the current RSA regional framework; and recruiting new Fellows to the organisation and to key projects and activities.

The elections mark the second stage in the process of the Council’s formation – the final stage being endorsement by the Board of Trustees.

Once operational, the Council will meet officially twice a year but Council Members will be encouraged and expected to debate, action and deliver throughout the year with the core aim of ensuring a more effective relationship and communication between the RSA and the Fellowship.

The result of the elections will be announced in October.


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