Summer update 2009


All the fun of the fair

As Iain Dale prepares to join the political merry-go-round for another year, he asks what are party conferences for in the 21st century?

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Help yourself

A new RSA project seeks to give drug users greater control over their treatment services. Stuart Honor introduces the initiative and makes the case for putting power in the hands of the ‘alienated undeserving’.

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Uncovering Communities

Uncovering communities

What is community for and what can it achieve? Professor Shearer West writes on how arts and humanities research can help shed new light on modern society.

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Journal Extra

Tim Jackson - Dilemma of Growth

Tim Jackson - The dilemma of growth

Can businesses ‘decouple’ economic growth from increased carbon emissions to deliver a sustainable future? In this audio clip from a recent RSA/Pepsico roundtable, Tim Jackson investigates the issues and ventures an alternative way forward. Listen to the audio.

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RSA conference on primary reform

How does the nature of the curriculum in primary schools need to change? The RSA is holding a primary reform event on 3 November to explore this vital question.

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Windmills of change

Can art excite public engagement with ideas of social and environmental change?

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RSA Events

Preview: September 2009

Upcoming events from the RSA public events programme.

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