Royal Designers announced

The RSA has made seven new appointments to the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry (RDI). The award, which dates back to 1936, honours designers who have shown sustained design excellence and have produced work of aesthetic value and significant benefit to society.

This year's Royal Designers include interaction designer Andy Cameron, who has developed pioneering ways for people to use digital media, and textile designer Mary Restiaux, who has made ancient weaving techniques fit for contemporary purpose. A number of distinguished graphic designers have also joined the faculty: Neville Brody, Margaret Calvert, Peter Saville and Michael Wolff.

The RSA has made Canadian graphic designer Bruce Mau an Honorary RDI in recognition of his efforts to promote social and political awareness through his work.

Find out how Royal Designers are contributing to the RSA through the new 75 Days project, set up this year to mark the 75th anniversary of the RDI.