Tim Jackson - The dilemma of growth

07 Sep 2009

Tim Jackson - The dilemma of growth

How can businesses in the 21st century continue to grow while delivering an absolute reduction in their environmental impact? This was the question posed at a recent RSA and Pepsico roundtable to discuss the challenges of de-coupling economic growth from increased carbon emissions, and to explore solutions. Download the roundtable report (PDF, 2MB).

The event included provocations from Stephanie Draper, a Director at Forum for the Future – who shared progress to date, giving examples of organisations who are achieving absolute reductions in their environmental impact – and from Professor Tim Jackson of the Sustainable Development Commission on the limitations of decoupling and the need for a new model of ecological enterprise.

Drawing from his detailed report Prosperity Without Growth (external PDF), Tim Jackson discusses the dilemma of growth in this audio file.

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