7 ways to become an online Fellow

Posted: 12 Mar 2012

Here are 7 key ways to help you become more active as an RSA Fellow - giving you opportunities to forge interesting new connections, to promote your events more widely, to find collaborators for your projects and much else besides.

If you are a Fellow who needs help or encouragement to become active and effective online, the RSA has a growing network of Regional Digital Champions. Find your local Champion(s) here: Regional Digital Champions network (also includes a link to your own RSA regional team).

Ningframe1) Join the RSA Fellowship.com social network (on Ning)
The RSA has its main social network at RSAFellowship.com (around 3,000 members).

It has broadly Facebook-like functionality: you can join, or start, discussions on one of the 90 or so groups (everything from the Social Entrepreneurs Network and RSA Digital Engagement to the Coaching and Mentoring Initiative), as well as write blog posts, add videos, invite people to events etc.

The RSAFellowship.com network also includes regional groups for London, Scotland, Ireland, Wales/Cymru, Yorkshire, West Midlands et al. Please join your local one. 

2) Join the RSA group on Linkedin  Linkedinsmall
Join the 2,500+ RSA Fellows who are already part of the RSA group on the professionals’ social networking site Linkedin. You can post discussions, news, comments, promote events, send direct messages, join groups etc. (NB unlike other online communities that are open to all, this group is Fellow-only).

3) Follow RSA staff or RSA Fellows on Twitter Twitter 
Many civic innovators are now sharing their passions on Twitter – and it’s so easy to get involved, and start sharing your own.

A great place to start is to look at the conversations taking place using the hash tag #theRSA. You can also follow these Twitter lists showing the latest tweets from: RSA staff and (some) RSA Fellows. (If you are a Fellow who tweets, but are not yet on the Fellows’ Twitter list, please let me know).

4) ‘Like’ the RSA page on Facebook     
Learn more about RSA activity and engage with others on the RSA page on Facebook (46,000+ people have ‘Liked’ the page already).

5) Become an RSA blogger
As well as submitting your own blog/article to RSA Comment, you can also add your own comments on the posts on the RSA Action and Research Centre/Fellowship blogs as well as Matthew Taylor’s blog, and the RSA US and Australia/NZ blogs.

6) Make the RSA online activity dashboard your web browser’s homepage Netvibessmall
See what’s happening right now on a range RSA-related online spaces (including Fellows’ blogs, Twitter (including chat about RSA lectures), Ning social networks etc on this online activity dashboard (made using Netvibes). No need to sign up, just click on the link to view the page of activity.

Why not set your PC’s web browser (in Tools>Options) to open up with this webpage when you turn it on? (If you are a blogging Fellow and would like your blog included in with the other Fellows’ blog posts shown on this page, do let me know).

Add your photos to the RSA Flickr Group
With so much going on in the RSA Fellowship, we rely on our Fellows to show us what’s happening in their regions.

 You can add your photos of what’s happening in your area, or your take on the RSA’s aims and themes to ourCivic-Day-two Flickr group. The best photos will be selected to brighten up our blogs, with link and full credit.

For a quick 'how-to', follow this link: bit.ly/FlickrPrezi. Happy snapping!

You will find further help on the Guide to RSA online communities page. (If you are new to the digital world, go to the ‘Help me get active online’ section).  You can also find a worldwide list of 'RSA Connectors' here: bitly.com/RSAconnectors.

Final note: I always appreciate feedback and improvement ideas about the RSA’s current social media set-up. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Matthew Mezey is RSA Online Community Manager.
Twitter @matthewmezey.