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RSA USA highlights
The United States Sustaining Committees

Find out about the committees organising some of the biggest initiatives from the RSA-US.

2013 Impact Overview

More than one hundred US based Fellows are engaged in core US initiatives and in turn impacting thousands of people around the world. Find out more about what happened in 2013.

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Fellowship in the US

RSA USA - online network

The US Fellowship has been around as long as the RSA itself, with Benjamin Franklin becoming a Fellow in 1756. Read more about US-based Fellows today on the RSA-US Blog.


Becoming a Fellow
US Governance


RSA USA events
Take a look at upcoming Fellowship events in the USA on the RSA-US blog site.

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RSA USA - Local networks

We have Fellows all around the US. You can find information about meetings and events on our RSA-US website.

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