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RSA USA highlights
2013 Impact Overview

More than one hundred US based Fellows are engaged in core US initiatives and in turn impacting thousands of people around the world. Find out more about what happened in 2013.

Governance Update

On December 9, 2013, RSA-US Chairman Peter Peyser stood down from the US Board after seven years as trustee. David Turner succeeds Peter as Chairman while Jenny Whitener takes over as President and the board also welcomed two new trustees, Lolita Jackson and Julie Scanlon. RSA-US looks forward to another strong year under the restructured board.

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Fellowship in the US

RSA USA - online network

The US Fellowship has been around as long as the RSA itself, with Benjamin Franklin becoming a Fellow in 1756. Read more about US-based Fellows today on the RSA-US Blog.


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US Governance


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Local networks

RSA USA - Local networks

We have Fellows all around the US. To connect with a local network, visit the American Coffeehouse, an online meeting space where Fellows can interact to share ideas and thoughts about how they can make things happen. View tips and tools such as links to the Fellows Directory and to RSA global networks.