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Want to get involved with activities in your region? Find out about the local team and how to contact them. You can see what they are working on in the regional development plan.


RSA Wales highlights

The latest projects, stories and key events near you.

RSA Spaces - can you help?
RSA Engage events are run by the Regional team and are an excellent opportunities to find out about Fellows' activity making an impact on the local area. We are looking for venues around the country who might be prepared to host Engage events.

RSA Kickstarter: Pandora's Locker
A unique blend of opera and biomedics, performed by young people, to facilitate learning and understanding through a brand new musical production.

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RSA Wales - online network

Connect to Fellows in your area on our online social network, Or read the 7 ways to be an online Fellow and connect with us through:

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RSA Wales events

Take a look at our national events calendar to find out what's happening where you are:

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Meet Fellows in your area

RSA Wales - Local networks

Join us at a regular network meeting to meet people locally, connect and share ideas. Each network has a local organiser who you can contact for more details:

Cardiff: email Wiard Sterk or Kathy Seddon.
Swansea: email Alison Jenner.
North Wales: email Neil Bryson for more details.

Email Vivs Long-Ferguson, Deputy Head of Fellowship Regional Programme, if you would like to set something up in your area or need further information.

Local project case studies

Read more about how other Fellows have turned their idea into a project and how we can support you.