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  • Impact - your support helps fund our projects such as developing holistic strategies to enable people to recover from drug misuse.
  • Long term solutions - Your support makes a real difference, helping people in local communities across the UK and beyond to fulfill their potential, for example equipping our young people with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle 21st century challenges.

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And for any queries please call Esther McCarthy on +44 (0)20 7451 6961.  

Also - Gift-Aid it

  • Please consider gift-aiding your donation. Through Gift Aid RSA can reclaim tax relief from the government of 25p on every £1 you give as a UK tax payer, at no extra cost to you.
  • To be eligible, you must be a UK tax payer and pay an amount of UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the RSA and any other charities and CASCs that you donate to reclaim on your subscriptions and donations in the tax year (currently 25p for every £1). Download the RSA donation form (PDF) and complete the Gift Aid section and send it to: The Fundraising team, RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ.