Our food philosophy

We take the sourcing and producing of food seriously, and endeavour to:

  • Support British food producers
  • Purchase meat from grazed herds and fish from sustainable stocks, as well as buying unadulterated raw ingredients daily
  • Prepare dishes on the premises from fresh ingredients
  • Design menus that avoid excessive use of oil
  • Use unsaturated oils such as olive oil and superior ground nut oils for cooking
  • Avoid the overuse of flour, particularly in sauces. Where thickening is required we will use alternative gluten free flour which is suitable for special gluten free diets
  • Maintain a broad range of food styles to accommodate international and domestic influences
  • Focus on simple flavours to amplify the taste and natural goodness of the ingredients
  • Prepare food that we know to be healthy and nutritious
  • Continuously review our food policy from a health perspective
  • Ensure we meet all of our clients' special dietary needs
  • Provide comprehensive information about all of our menus when requested
  • Always be flexible and be prepared to adapt to our clients' wishes.