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Recruitment process

The interview

We'll review your relevant experience and skills and invite you to attend an interview at our offices. This will usually be with a panel of three, including your prospective line manager.

  • Many of the questions will be behaviourally-oriented (those are the ones that start with something like “Please give an example of a time when you…”), and will likely relate closely to the key skills on the role profile.
  • The interviewers will want to hear all about your relevant experience and where you’ve really made a difference.
  • Our interviewers are looking for you to respond by describing the situation, task, the action you took, and the result. They’ll be assessing your relevant skills as well as how you fit in with what the RSA stands for.
  • You may also be set a challenge relevant to the role you’re applying for – your invitation email will include details (we won’t spring anything on you!). This might be a presentation on a given topic, or a written task like writing a blog post or a work-sample test.
  • If it's difficult for you to attend our offices in person, we are often able to accommodate interviews via Skype. 

Handy hints

We want to see the very best of you come out in your interview, so here are our top tips for presenting your best possible self when you visit our office:

  • Our office dress code is smart casual.
  • Expressing yourself clearly and concisely is a valuable skill.
  • If your invitation email indicates that you’ll be set a written task, you might want to read some of the RSA blogs before your interview so you know what sort of tone to adopt.
  • This is a two-way process – we love a candidate who is engaged with the RSA’s mission and work and is eager to get the most out of the experience of working for us, so we welcome questions.
  • Make a note of who to ask for when you get to reception (tip: check your invitation email).
  • Remember to breathe.

What we're looking for

The RSA lives by its mission and values. Our people values are at the heart of the way we work as an organisation, so that's what we look for at every stage of our recruitment process. From reading your CV through to your interview, it's all about showing that you've got the RSA spirit.

Our most successful colleagues demonstrate excellence through expertise, decisiveness and accountability; continuously learn, improve and innovate; see our work in the wider context; collaborate effectively and value diverse contributions.

What's next?

If you’re successful, we’ll inform you by telephone as soon as possible (usually the following day). We’ll offer you a starting salary and discuss when you can start.

If you are pipped to the post by someone who better meets the criteria for the role, we’ll inform you by email as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). On request, we are always happy to provide individual feedback about your interview.

We sometimes ask candidates back for a second interview. The purpose of this interview will be to clarify any areas that the panel weren’t able to fully explore at the first interview, and, for line management roles, to discuss line management skills in more detail.