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Take control of your creative future

Get your free taster report from RSA and Google into how digital learning is transforming our society, the way we learn and our career prospects - and how you can take control.

Take control of your creative future

Download our top tips for shaping our digital future

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Along with our partners, Google, we've gathered ideas from the tech, commercial and policy worlds - and from our unique RSA Fellowship - to create our new report into how the digital revolution is transforming all our lives - and will do so even more in the future.

Anthony Painter

RSA - Director of Policy and Strategy

What you'll find in this download

We've worked with Google to understand how new technology is transforming how we learn, work and communciate.

In this free download- which summarises our main Democratic Digital report - you'll find out how unleashing our creativity, both individually and as a society, is the key to confidently making the most of these new opportunities.

Digital winners and losers

New technology is transforming our lives - for some the benefits are huge. For others, their ambitions remain frustratingly out of reach due to a lack of knowledge, support, training or confidence.


The change we want to see

We're asking for the government, businesses, institutions and individuals to make the right choices so that everyone can benefit from new technology.    


Find out how you can benefit

Discover the steps you can take today to boost your digital learning potential - from joining an online university to learning from others - and unleash your own Power to Create.


Get involved with the digital revolution

Get a range of resources - from our full report into digital learning, to videos, quizzes and ways to have your say and join the debate online. 

Power to create taster report