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Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is a representative forum for Fellows of the RSA, with the core aim of promoting more effective working relationships between all aspects of the RSA. 

Annual reports

View our Annual Impact Report, which sets out our achievements over the past year which has helped to drive social progress

Trustee Board

The RSA is governed by a Trustee Board who are responsible under the RSA Royal Charter, bye-laws and charity law for ensuring that the charitable objectives of the society are carried out and that the organisation is run in an appropriate, legal way.


View the Trustee Code of Conduct (PDF)



RSA Board of Trustees

Tim Eyles

Tim Eyles



Peter Fell

Peter Fell

Deputy Chair


Stephen Gleadle

Stephen Gleadle



Our governing structure

Along with the Trustee Board the RSA also has a number of sub-committees and subsidiary boards who supervise the running of the organisation.

 The RSA has additional subcommittees, mostly notably the Audit & Risk committee (responsible for oversight to the Board of the RSA’s financial and legal controls) and the Nominations Panel (responsible for the constitutional arrangements and affairs of the Fellows of the RSA). Additionally the Fellowship elects representatives to the Fellowship Council which acts as an advisory council to the RSA Board and Executive Team.

The RSA also has two trading subsidiaries whose profits contribute to the RSA’s income; these are RSA Adelphi Enterprises Ltd and RSA Shipley Enterprises Ltd which cover the hospitality and consultancy trading activities of the RSA.



An explanation about the RSA and our mission (PDF)