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Bye-laws and Charter


Our Governance Vision is: "To create an accountable, transparent and inclusive governance culture at the RSA, which is supported by a genuinely representative structure and which supports the directions, strategy, vision and aims of the RSA". 

Download our latest Bye-laws (PDF, 3.5MB)

Fellows' Charter

The RSA is a membership organisation whose membership make (unless waived) a charitable subscription fee which contributes to the charitable work of the RSA. As a Fellow of the RSA an individual is entitled to use the post-nominal ‘FRSA’ designation. All Fellows are expected to follow the RSA Fellows Charter and the code of conduct.

Download the Fellows' Charter (PDF, 220 KB)

View the 'Code of Conduct when Representing the RSA.’

Royal Charter

A royal charter is a formal document issued by a monarch as letters patent, granting a right or power to an individual or a body corporate. A Royal Charter changes a body from a collection of individuals to a single legal entity and predates more modern forms of collective entities such as modern day companies and corporations. Once incorporated by Royal Charter, amendments to the Charter require Privy Council approval.

The RSA’s charitable purposes are enshrined within its Royal Charter. View the following links to the RSA’s Original Charter and Supplemental Charter.  

Download the RSA Charter (PDF, 56KB)
Download the Supplemental Charter (PDF, 12KB)