RSA Academies

RSA Academies is a small and dynamic group of schools set up as a charitable company by the RSA in September 2011.

The schools are in Birmingham, the Black Country and Worcestershire.

The schools are a vital connection between the RSA and education, as they provide a real context to develop ideas about what the curriculum should be like and what excellence means, and the schools benefit from the creative, cultural and social ideas and resources of the RSA.

Primary youth social action

Can we extend the positive impact of volunteering to primary schools?

RSA Pupil Design Awards

A free, national design competition for secondary school and sixth-form pupils.

Teaching School Alliance

Recruiting and training new teachers and finding leadership potential.

Our Approach

High standards in learning

RSA Academies aims to achieve the very best outcomes for all children whatever their starting point. By high standards we mean that all children at schools in the RSA Family of Academies will make excellent progress in their learning throughout their school career, developing deep knowledge and critical thinking skills.

A distinctive approach

An RSA school is a school with soul. Our overarching philosophy is to give each pupil a complete and generous education embracing the traditional academic subjects, the arts and sport, and subjects that provide insights into the ethics of good living. We want our schools to be inclusivenetworked“green” and demonstrably mission-led – by which we mean committed to the values of individual flourishing and social progress.

Much of our practical support for our academies is structured around three main themes or “Commitments”:

  • Arts, Culture and Creativity. We want all our pupils to enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires their passions and brings out their unique aptitudes and abilities.
  • World beyond School. We want our pupils to be well prepared for future success as life-long learners and in the workplace.
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health. We recognise the pressures that young people face, both at school and as they grow up in our complex interconnected world.

There is a fourth Commitment, which is implicit in everything we do: Creative Teachers. We want our schools to be places where teachers enjoy professional autonomy and are empowered to innovate, learning from research-based practice.

These are important statements of our intent to develop our work in these areas. All schools and their governing bodies have signed up to the commitments and we are working with the schools to support and facilitate these goals as part of what makes an RSA academy’s education distinctive.

Interested in working with our schools?

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About the RSA

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