Nik Gunn

Nik is a Researcher.

Nik is a Researcher with the Education Team, where he currently leads on the Third Benefit Project focusing on Youth Social Action in primary schools and the effect it has on teacher development.

Before joining the RSA, he lectured English at the University of Oxford and UCL for several years, teaching everything from medieval literature to the language of advertising. He completed his PhD at the University of York, where he is still a Research Associate. He has published everything from scholarly work to literary translations. Prior to his academic career, he worked as an outreach and then programme officer at an education charity.

Nik is passionate about education at all levels, but especially the importance of the arts and humanities to cultural, economic and social wellbeing. He believes that the classroom remains one of the most powerful participatory spaces still available to everyone regardless of background and that access to different types of knowledge is foundational to encouraging citizen participation.