Melissa Wills

Melissa is a Design and Innovation Team Coordinator.

Melissa Wills is a cultural convener who has worked to drive social change at the intersection of human centred design, technology and activism. She has curated and executed a number of cultural projects and events, including one of the most influential urban shows in the UK and the first Artificial Intelligence Conference held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology. She has produced broadcast interviews and online content for Cyber Security Research Institute and Future Intelligence podcast for Resonance FM.

She is the founder of Women Like Me, a collective brought together to combat the lack of representation, support and progression amongst underrepresented groups in the technology sector. She has engaged policy makers and held space at the Houses of Parliament, the Tate Modern and the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure. She has been recognised by the British Science Association, to be a young leader putting unique ideas into action for the benefit of science and society in 2019.

In recent years, she has continued to build various communities across the globe, to empower and encourages others to connect and innovate, using design thinking methodologies and continues to share her practices with other community builders.