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This week the RSA launches the first of three Power to Create papers which together aim to demonstrate how the power to create has practical application.

The first report, sponsored by Google, explores how the benefits of new technology can be more evenly distributed. Be sure to join us or watch the live event on Thursday 14th May where all the recommendations from the report will be discussed in detail. 

We’ve gathered five of our the most famous videos (plus a few you might have missed!) on the subject of how technology is transforming the way we work, learn and live.

So join the RSA and Google as we look at one of the defining social challenges of our time. 

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Blog: The new digital learning age in three tribes, seven charts and three recommendations


Unleash your Power to Create

We believe everyone should have the power to turn their ideas into reality. In this great animation Matthew Taylor, RSA chief executive talks about why the Power to Create lies at the heart of the digital revolution, and why we need a whole new approach to the way society thinks about creativity. 


Work this way

Our new report produced in partnership with Google shows how the world of work is being rapidly transformed by technological change. In one of our most popular Animates, Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if more organisations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology and encouraged a truly open, collaborative and flexible working culture.


Radical futures

As our report shows, the technological revolution we are living through is shaping our society in many different and unexpected ways. In this thought provoking debate Alasdair Blackwell, Tom Chatfield, Debbie Forster and Matthew Taylor explore the transformative technologies that have the potential to offer us a radically new future.


How sharing knowledge will make the world a richer place

Peer to peer learning is one of the most fascinating emerging areas we look at in our new report. In this RSA Spotlight Alastair Parvin, one of the team behind the WikiHouse project, talks about how open design, peer-to-peer sharing and community development is already shaping developments in housing. 


Free the internet!

Our report shows how digital technology is shaping our approach to learning, our careers and the way we live our lives. Pioneer in online campaigning Eli Pariser lays bare the forces controlling our online lives and argues for a new vision of a freer web. 


Join the debate!

What do you think about the potential for new technology to shape society? Tell us about how the digital revolution is changing the way you learn, work and live.

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